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Natural beauty does not come by chance

Warm, natural and stable. That's what makes a beautiful home. With a wooden floor, you create a cosy atmosphere. Wood radiates warmth and welcomes you at any time. With every single plank, you bring a piece of nature into your home.

  • HARO PARQUET 4000 Plank 1-Strip Plaza 240 4V Smoked Oak Sauvage brushed naturaDur Top Connect

    HARO PARQUET 4000 Plank 1-Strip Plaza 240 4V Smoked Oak Sauvage brushed naturaDur Top Connect View product

Why is real wood parquet so popular worldwide? The basis lies in the material: wood is a natural, renewable raw material with a very good ecological balance. It combines the best of two worlds. On the one hand, it is stable and durable. On the other hand, it is lively and warm. Our parquet flooring is made of high-quality wood which, as a natural product, offers many choices: Shape, colour and type of wood give living spaces individuality. And so there is the right parquet flooring for every style of furnishing: from a rustic ambience to a modern look, from young living to elegant residing.

HARO stands for natural beauty.


With parquet flooring, you bring 100% nature into your home.

For the production of our parquet flooring, we use wood from sustainably managed, PEFC-certified forests. HARO parquet is certified with the Blue Angel and the A label, awards for exceptionally healthy living and low-emission products.

Underline your personality with the right parquet floor. But first you have to make a few decisions:
Should it be a quiet or more rustic oak? Or would you prefer beech? How about ash?
Should the floor be oiled or sealed?

When choosing high-quality real wood parquet, you can focus entirely on your living style. Which formats suit my rooms, which colour matches my furnishings. Our parquet consultation will help you find your new parquet floor.

The basics: the parquet types

The days of creaking solid wood floors with large joints where dirt collects are gone. Modern parquet is multi-layer parquet. Its production uses less precious wood compared to solid wood flooring. This saves resources and the environment. As the market leader in parquet flooring, we combine the latest findings with decades of experience. We produce technically sophisticated parquet floors for high demands. Their multi-layered construction ensures a long service life and easy installation. Not least thanks to our Top Connect installation system.

HARO Parquet flooring is available in 2-layer parquet and 3-layer parquet.

The extra-wide plank format for large rooms.

Format 240 x 2200 mm

The extra-wide plank format gives large rooms a particularly spacious, elegant look. This makes the Plaza 240 plank the ideal floor for rooms where a lot of floor space is visible. The planks give the room structure, emphasise the spaciousness and ensure a harmonious expression.

We offer this special format as parquet plank Plaza 240 exclusively as 3-layer parquet.

  • Plank pattern Plaza 240
    Dimensions: 240 x 2200 mm or 220 x 2200 mm (amber oak)
    Installation height: 13.5 mm


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The versatile plank flooring for all rooms.

Format 180 x 2200 mm

Whether large or small: this plank cuts a good figure in any room, not only in country house style, and creates a clear, spacious atmosphere. The variants with two-sided bevelling or four-sided bevelling offer a wide range of options for room design and an individual look. Light wood types, such as oak, have an elegant effect. Dark woods make a statement with their noble grains.

We offer this classic format as Parquet Plank 180 (3-layer) and as Parquet Plank Maxim (2-layer). It is also available as SPA parquet and thus suitable for installation in the bathroom.

  • Plank 180
    Dimensions:: 180 x 2200 mm or
    173 x 2200 mm (amber oak, oak white barrique)

    Installation height: 13.5 mm (series 4000), 12 mm (series 3500)


    Plank Maxim
    Dimensions:: 180 x 2200 mm or 173 x 2200 mm (Amber Oak, White Oak Barrique)

    Construction height: 11 mm (2-layer)

  • Note: 2-layer parquet must be glued over the entire surface!

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The perfect floor for small rooms.

Format 140 x 2200 mm

With our country house plank in 140 format, you can bring an urban living style into your home. Living space is becoming increasingly scarce, rooms are getting smaller and smaller. At the same time, more emphasis is being placed on the harmonious design of rooms, as more time is spent at home, for example, due to working in a home office. With its balanced width-length ratio, this 140 mm long plank is the perfect choice. As in large rooms, you notice several planks one behind the other and a varied surface appearance is created. You can make an elegant statement with light wood types and a noble one with dark woods.

We offer this very modern format as parquet plank 140 (3-layer) and as parquet plank Duna (2-layer). You can also get this urban look as SPA parquet for installation in the bathroom.

  • Plank 140
    Dimension: 140 x 1500 mm

    Construction height: 13.5 mm (3-layer)


    Plank pattern Duna
    Dimension: 140 x 1500 mm

    Construction height: 11 mm (2-layer)

  • Note: 2-layer parquet must be glued over the entire surface!

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The best choice for modern rooms.

Format 120 x 1000 mm

With its well-balanced width/length ratio, the Prestige plank is also ideal for smaller rooms. This means there is room for several planks, even one behind the other, and the result is a varied surface appearance.

However, you can create a particularly elegant living feeling when Prestige is glued down in the classic herringbone strip parquet installation pattern. Thanks to its relatively large format for strips, it also sets accents in medium-sized and prestigious rooms and has a captivatingly beautiful and timeless elegance. And as a SPA parquet variant, the Prestige parquet plank also looks good in the bathroom.


  • Plank Prestige
    Dimension: 120 x 1000 mm

    Construction height: 11 mm (2-layer)

  • Note: 2-layer parquet must be glued over the entire surface!

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The all-round floor for larger and smaller rooms

Format 85 x 771 mm

The Classico parquet strip combines a classic, timeless design of the wooden planks with a particularly harmonious surface appearance. It conveys tranquillity without appearing boring. Its dimensions make it the perfect floor for both small and medium-sized rooms. The possibility of laying the floor in a herringbone pattern creates exciting surface patterns.

  • Classico rod
    Dimension: 85 x 771 mm

  • Note: 2-layer parquet must be glued over the entire surface!

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The lively floor that fits everywhere.

Format 70 x 490 mm, as parquet longstrip : 180 x 2200 mm

Its staggered elements give structure and support to any room size. This very special look is achieved with a 3-layer plank parquet ship's floor for floating installation or with a 2-layer strip parquet Allegro in full-surface gluing.

The ship's floor look makes rooms look lively and simply always fits - regardless of the size and furnishing of a room. It creates a very individual, distinctive character that is sometimes harmonious, sometimes playful, depending on the type of wood and colour.

However, you can also have strip parquet Allegro installed in the trendy herringbone pattern. This is an installation option that is particularly popular in old flats and very prestigious rooms.

  • Ship's floor
    Dimension: 180 x 2200 mm

    Construction height: 13 mm (Series 4000), 12 mm (Series 3500)


    Bar Allegro
    Dimension: 70 x 490 mm

    Construction height: 11 mm (2-layer)

  • Note: 2-layer parquet must be glued over the entire surface!

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The advantages of parquet at a glance

  • Parquet flooring is durable and increases the value of your room.
  • Whether oiled or sealed, parquet is easy to care for and over time a patina develops that makes the parquet floor even more beautiful.
  • Wood absorbs moisture from the air and releases it back into the surrounding air in measured doses. This ensures a pleasant indoor climate and makes it ideal for allergy sufferers.
  • Parquet flooring can be renovated: if necessary, you can sand it down and re-oil or seal it.

HARO Parquet floorboards with three layers, for floating installation

Our parquet planks Plaza 240, 180, 140 and our ship floors are manufactured as modern 3-layer parquet. The top layer is the visible and tangible precious wood. This is followed by the middle layer of solid spruce wood strips. In the entry-level series, it consists of a high-density fibreboard (HDF). We use softwood for the back (backing).

The special feature? The spruce sticks lie across the top and bottom layers. This means that the wood can work less and is more stable. This also makes possible today's common click laying systems, which make the laying of prefabricated parquet possible in the twinkling of an eye, even for the layman.

HARO Parquet with two layers, for full-surface bonding

Do you like your floor to be timeless and particularly stable? Our strip parquet brings classic parquet installation patterns into your home. But our country house plank formats are also available as 2-layer parquet. The sizes range from 70 x 490 mm for the Allegro strip to the stately 180 x 2200 mm of a Maxim plank. The construction is similar to 3-layer parquet. The bottom layer, however, is omitted. It is unnecessary: The expert glues the prefabricated parquet planks directly to the screed and uses the solvent-free, low-emission elastic adhesive for this HARO Low-emission elastic adhesive. Floating installation is not possible.


By the way:

If you want to install parquet on underfloor heating or in the bathroom, we recommend full-surface bonding by a professional

The details: Characteristics of nature

Types of wood

Trees are a bit like people: There are small and large trees. Trees that grow faster. Trees that have many branches. Every tree has its own character. The colour and grain of the real wood parquet reflect this. Every plank is a piece of nature. And nature offers a wide choice: Oak, for example, stands for strength and endurance. The golden-brown tone and distinctive grain of oak parquet blend into any dream home. From classic to rustic to modern. Why it is one of the most popular types of wood? Oak is particularly strong and resilient. This makes it a robust floor covering.

Our parquet floors are also available with many other types of wood such as beech, ash, maple, walnut and cherry. Simply find out about their characteristics on the sub-pages.

Plank formats

Whether wide plank, ship's floor or strip parquet: the design of the finished parquet influences the effect of the room. Depending on which installation direction and which dimensions you choose, your room will appear larger or smaller. A country house plank, for example, radiates restrained calm, but also requires a certain room size. A ship's floor, on the other hand, is much livelier.


With our HARO Room Visualizer, you can easily and perfectly test the effect in the room - in your home. It is also a playful way to try out the installation direction.

More information

No matter what you are looking for - whether parquet for a staircase covering or parquet in subtle shades of white - as Germany's number one parquet manufacturer, we will fulfil your living dreams.

Do you have further questions about our products? Please feel free to contact us.


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