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Natural beauty with concept

Wood also looks good on walls and stairs.

Naturalness is the trump card when designing modern rooms full of cosiness and atmosphere HARO Interior offers you attractive possibilities to use the unique charisma of wood also for wall design, for stair claddings and even for your living room table.

HARO Interior is your complete system for interior design with valuable wood: With HARO Wall for wall design, HARO Stairs for integrating your stairs into the floor concept and a characterful parquet HARO Parquet table, you can create living spaces full of harmony, elegance and charm. In short: wall panelling, stairs and tables to match the floor HARO Floor.

A holistic room design, with wall panelling and stair treads to match the floor.

HARO WALL - Design wood on the wall

The simple, quick wall cladding made of fine woods.

Thanks to the careful selection of fine woods with matt oiled surfaces and various textures, a special natural look is achieved. Set accents and use the naturalness of structured wooden surfaces in different colours for an extravagant room design.

HARO Wall is one of the simplest and quickest systems for wall cladding.

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HARO WALL - Floor on the wall

The system solution for modern, trendy wall designs with flooring.

More and more often, trendy builders are deciding to design entire walls or partial areas with tasteful floor elements. This creates an extravagant room design that sets accents by simply continuing the parquet flooring as wall panelling.

With the system solution specially adapted to HARO floors, we offer the possibility of also designing walls with the respective desired floor. Whether parquet (13.5 mm) or laminate flooring (8 and 7 mm) - we offer the right solution.

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HARO Stairs - Staircase solution from the parquet professionals

For a harmonious interior design that does not stop at the landing.

Modern, open room concepts rely on visual axes and harmonious transitions. For this reason we have HARO Developed Stairs. This gives you the opportunity to build a stylish, elegant bridge between the floors. Connect the staircase visually with the adjacent floor areas by simply continuing the floor covering on the staircase. The staircase is thus integrated into your room concept and a harmonious and elegant overall impression is created.

From parquet block steps and format tiles to stair cladding made from matching stair nosings, you will find a solution in the HARO Stairs range.

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HARO Acoustics - Room acoustics fully in its element

Wall and ceiling elements for harmonious room acoustics to feel good.

As a central element of a well thought-out interior design, the effects of room acoustics on us humans must not be underestimated. No matter in which room, whether in the office, living room, children's room or bedroom - sound and especially noise influence us in all aspects of our everyday lives. For this reason, we have developed high-quality wall and ceiling elements that not only provide effective sound insulation and acoustic optimisation, but also delight the eyes and ears at the same time.

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