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The healthy living DISANO for your home

Aesthetics paired with full flexibility in use - that is design flooring.

What does a wooden floor symbolise? Three things: Healthy living, individuality and closeness to nature. If you also want a lot of flexibility, go for a design floor: it is warm underfoot, easy to clean and looks just like wood flooring. A real alternative!

DISANO Design floors are ideal for all rooms. Whether surface aesthetics, installation height, load-bearing capacity or place of use - with its different series, it meets DISANO all needs.


Our ClassicAqua and LifeAqua product ranges are certified by Nordic Ecolabelling with the Nordic Swan and thus meet strict health and environmental requirements as well as good indoor climate.

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The near-natural feel-good programme

Enjoy your dream home without any worries. DISANO design flooring is healthy to live with and therefore free of PVC and plasticisers. A floor covering made for trend-oriented families.

HARO stands for natural beauty. As Germany's leading parquet manufacturer, we have learned over the decades what makes a truly beautiful floor. We draw inspiration from this knowledge every day and develop design floors that look very much like real wood. We carefully match material and decor to create the right floor for your dream home.


Our formula for healthy living design floors

Natural decor generous plank dimensions noticeable feel four-sided bevel = authentic look.

Decors influence the effect of a room

Whether in a study, dining room or bathroom: floors play a major role in the atmosphere. Hardly any other object do we touch so often. No other furnishing item influences the room effect more. The colour of the surface is particularly important. It can have a positive influence on our home. Colour has an influence on our well-being that should not be underestimated. One should not only choose wallpaper, but also the appearance of the floor so that a harmonious atmosphere is created.

Nature - light / light brown

Whether Scandi look or cottage core, no current trend can ignore light brown. The colour appears light and inviting. It conveys pure naturalness and radiates calm. This also makes it versatile to combine.

Nature - medium / beige-brown

This colour brings the sun into your home. It looks cheerful, friendly and brings light into dark rooms. Many customers use decors with a strong grain in the dining area to create a convivial atmosphere.

Nature - dark / dark brown

Earthy colours bring our living spaces particularly close to nature. Besides comfort, they radiate a lot of down-to-earth security. They can be combined with light wall colours as well as with strong trend colours.


A white wood look with a subtle grain appears uncomplicated, clean and bright. Playful furniture in warm wood tones goes well with this: it adds a good dose of cosiness.


Those who like to play "change colours" on the wall will find a stable partner in grey design flooring. It radiates peaceful tranquillity and is a combination wonder. No matter whether you just like the Scandi look or homemade pallet sofas.


Almost black floors fit particularly well in large, light-flooded rooms. The dark stone-look tile is best combined with light wall colours and light-coloured furniture. The strong contrast has an elegant effect.

Open for the highest demands DISANO Series at a glance

What do you want your new floor to look like? Radiantly bright or sensually cosy? From a wellness oasis in the bathroom to a living room for the family DISANO Design flooring works individually.

DISANO ClassicAqua

Floating on a new level.

The DISANO Premium plank in large format brings that certain something into every room. ClassicAqua not only scores aesthetically with its various, particularly exclusive surfaces, but also ensures maximum durability and suppleness with its ElastoTec finish.

DISANO ClassicAqua - the elegant one

  • DISANO Premium plank in large format
  • Maximum durability and suppleness thanks to ElastoTec finishing
  • Temperature and UV light resistant, dimensionally stable
  • Particularly quiet thanks to SilentSense surface
  • Insensitive to moisture: suitable for use in damp areas
  • Installation height: 9.8 mm
  • Easy to install thanks to the Top Connect installation system
  • Full-surface gluing possible
  • Large variety of exclusive surfaces
  • Generous spatial effect: XL long plank format with bevel on four sides
  • Plank XL 4V

    Dimension: 235 x 2035 mm
    Building height: 9.8 mm

    Piazza 4V

    Dimension: 313 x 631 mm
    Building height: 9.8 mm


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Goes along with everything life has to offer.

The high-quality DISANO LifeAqua is the perfect all-inclusive floor. With its XL planks, it conveys a particularly generous feeling of space. The SilentSense surface provides a uniquely soft walking feeling and the HydroResist barrier ensures extra-strong moisture protection.

DISANO LifeAqua - the living one

  • Authentic wood decors with bevel on 4 sides
  • Uncomplicated and absolutely easy to clean
  • Hard-wearing and dimensionally stable
  • Temperature and UV light resistant
  • Insensitive to moisture: suitable for damp areas
  • Easy to install thanks to the Top Connect installation system
  • Integrated cork insulation for room sound reduction
  • Full-surface bonding possible
  • Soft walking feeling thanks to SilentSense surface
  • Additional moisture protection thanks to HydroResist barrier
  • Plank XL 4V for a generous feeling of space
  • Plank XL 4V

    Dimension: 235 x 1800 mm
    Building height: 8 mm


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Beautiful and robust at an attractive price.

WaveAqua with special SurfaceProtect technology is extremely scratch-resistant and easily copes with all the small and large challenges of everyday life. It is also resistant to splashes and puddles thanks to its wetness protection. That is real DISANO Quality at an attractive price!

Advantages DISANO WaveAqua at a glance:

  • Genuine DISANO Quality at an attractive price
  • Scratch-resistant, robust base with SurfaceProtect technology
  • Moisture-resistant thanks to AquaReject core board
  • Plank XL 4V for a generous feeling of space
  • Authentic wood decors in country house plank design with 4-sided micro bevel
  • Plank XL 4V

    Dimension: 243 x 2200 mm
    Building height: 8 mm

    Plank pattern 4V

    Dimension: 193 x 1282 mm
    Building height: 8 mm


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DISANO Sapphire

For the highest demands, even in the professional sector.

Whether commercial or private DISANO Saphir is the extremely hard-wearing design floor for all occasions. It is 100% waterproof and has a construction height of just 4.5 mm. This makes it the perfect choice for all places and situations where the beauty and elegance of the floor must also withstand special loads.

Advantages DISANO Saphir at a glance:

  • Extremely hard-wearing and resilient thanks to waterproof solid plastic core board
  • Waterproof, suitable for installation in bathrooms
  • Authentic wood decors with micro bevel on four sides
  • UV light resistant and dimensionally stable
  • Pressure-resistant even when heavy furniture is installed
  • Very suitable for underfloor heating/floor cooling
  • Particularly suitable for renovations due to low installation height of 4.5 mm
  • Easy to install thanks to the Top Connect installation system, full-surface gluing possible
  • Plank XL 4V for a generous feeling of space
  • Natural stone decors in tile format
  • Plank pattern 4VM

    Dimension: 235 x 1282 mm
    Building height: 4.5 mm

    Piazza 4V

    Dimension: 313 x 631 mm
    Building height: 4.5 mm


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DISANO Project

The measure of all things in all areas.

With its special structure, the waterproof DISANO Project guarantees high resistance. 2mm construction height makes it the perfect floor for renovations, the fire protection class Bfl-s1 provides additional safety.

Advantages DISANO Project at a glance:

  • Authentic wood and stone decors with 4-sided micro bevel
  • Particularly suitable for renovations, installation height only 2 mm
  • Very suitable for underfloor heating and cooling
  • High stability due to special layer structure
  • Waterproof
  • Full-surface gluing by the professional installer
  • Fire protection class Bfl-s1 (flame retardant)
  • Plank pattern 4VM

    Dimension: 248 x 1300 mm
    Building height: 2 mm

    Piazza 4V

    Plank dimensions: 310 x 650 mm
    Building height: 2 mm


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Durability for the eye

Which design floor would you like to install in your home? Modern floors from HARO combine the following advantage: the appearance remains as it is. No matter how busy your home is.

  • No discolouration: Conventional vinyl flooring discolours easily when UV radiation hits it DISANO is insensitive in this respect: no matter how much sunlight hits it, the appearance remains unchanged.
  • No bulges DISANO remains even and does not form any bulges. This is because the design floor does not react to heat, such as sunlight.
  • No brittleness: vinyl floors can become brittle and hard because the effect of the softeners wears off. With DISANO this does not happen. The floor remains elastic. Even dents can disappear - thanks to the lack of plasticisers.

Learn more about the well thought-out structure of our HARO Design floors.


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