Exemplary effect: Parquet installation patterns

Cosy parquet, spiced with creativity

So strip parquet is only suitable for apartments in older buildings? Not at all. Whether English pattern or herringbone: Wood blends into both traditional and modern living spaces. Classic installation patterns create exciting contrasts in new buildings especially. Different wood species can even be combined with one another. Installation over underfloor heating is generally also possible. Some parquet is also suitable for use in bathrooms. You may have noticed: There are countless options for designing rooms with strip parquet.

The primary focal points when choosing the right installation pattern are the characteristics of the room and its occupants: How is the room divided? What is the style of the furniture? What is the room used for?

What is the impact of the installation pattern in the room?

HARO PARQUET 4000 Strip Allegro Amber Robinia Favorit None
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Strip Allegro Amber Robinia Favorit None

HARO PARQUET 4000 Strip Allegro American Walnut Trend None
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Strip Allegro American Walnut Trend None

The most popular installation patterns – a selection

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  Pattern Effect
Strip parquet English bond Bond pattern is also known as English pattern, half-offset or regular bond pattern, depending on the region. The term “half” says it all in this case: The strips are installed parallel with each other. And they are offset from each other by a half strip. The bond pattern can also be installed diagonally in the room as an interesting alternative. Parallel installation of parquet strips is ideal for those who love order: The pattern has a harmonious effect. The grade or choice of furniture can be used to create a more special effect. Parquet floors create a sense of calm in rooms with lots of pieces of furniture.
Strip parquet Old German bond The Old German bond pattern is similar to regular bond pattern. The strips are again installed in parallel, but not offset. The pattern can be interrupted by a short strip that is rotated at an angle of 90 degrees.
(unfortunately not available with HARO Strip Parquet.)
The installation pattern is not quite as calming as the regular bond pattern. It is livelier and does not like being hidden beneath a large rug.
Strip parquet parallel bond Parallel bond pattern is the basis for the first two patterns. Only that the parquet strips are at the same height without being interrupted. The installation pattern is also suitable for combining several wood species within a surface. This installation type achieves the most modern effect. It influences the impact of the room in a very restrained way and lends an orderly, geometric atmosphere.
Strip parquet wild bond The irregular bond pattern, also known as wild bond pattern, also consists of strips installed in parallel. Just that the ends are offset in an irregular formation. Attention landlubbers and sea bears: wild bond pattern transports the effect of a classic ship's deck, or longstrip as we call it, into the home. Ahoy, liveliness!
Strip parquet herringbone Challenging for DIY enthusiasts, routine for professionals: The herringbone pattern has been in style for a long time. The parquet strips are installed at right angles to each other to create a V shape. Cool light plays are created on the surface. Every variant creates its own spatial effect: The single herringbone variant has a more delicate look, while the double herringbone creates a more solid impression. Regardless of which: Herringbone parquet needs the space of a large room with no rugs in order to achieve its full radiance. In the case of herringbone with border inlay make sure that your furniture does not cover the inlay.
Strip parquet square pattern The square pattern is also referred to as cube or tile pattern. Several parquet strips are first combined to form square formations, and these are then laid horizontally and vertically, always alternately. The use of different wood species is also possible in this respect. A tough decision. The square pattern is reminiscent of a chessboard and combines two worlds: a striking pattern and a balanced appearance.
Strip parquet ladder floors A ladder floor or ladder pattern is based on a parallel pattern. Two installation types alternate with each other: In addition to a series of strips installed in parallel, a single row is incorporated vertically. A ladder pattern creates a more generous impression of space, offers the eye something to explore, yet does not distract overly from the interiors.

Whether herringbone parquet oak, ladder bond pattern, amber robinia, English bond pattern in beech: We recommend you always call on the expert assistance of our HARO partners, since this is the best way to achieve a timelessly beautiful wooden floor that will give you hours of pleasure.

Strip parquet from HARO

We produce two formats, both of which are suitable for glue down installation. Choose the strip parquet that suits your living needs from our HARO professional range.

Strip Allegro / 2-layer construction

HARO Parquet Strip Allegro in 2-layer construction
Board dimensions
70 x 490 mm (2 3/4" x 19 9/32")

The dual classic: The strips are narrow and short. This will please any parquet fitter. That’s because the format allows a host of patterns, even herringbone. A wide variety of woods are offered: The range extends from modern, light-coloured oak to striking American walnut.

Strip Prestige / 2-layer construction

HARO Parquet Strip Prestige in 2-layer construction
Board dimensions
120 x 1000 mm (4 23/32" x 39 3/8")

The generous oak: Classic installation patterns take on a timeless appearance with the generous proportions of the parquet strip. Elegant and striking, Prestige is ideal in any room. Even the bathroom. Take a look at the wood species in the virtual floor studio.

Small rooms with big style: Which spatial effect would you like to create?

Small rooms, big rooms, wide rooms: We have the right parquet floor to suit every room. Apart from the installation pattern, two other aspects influence the visual impression – the direction of installation and the wood size.

The direction in which the strips are installed impacts the spatial direction:

Installation patterns for narrow rooms

Would you like to give a narrow corridor a more spacious appearance? Installing bond pattern floors, ladder floors or herringbone floors transversely to the spatial direction widens the space visually. Long, tubular shaped rooms look shorter.

Installation patterns for short rooms

Visual extension is also possible. The parquet strip is installed parallel to the room’s short wall in this case.
The tips of the bones point towards the room’s short sides in herringbone parquet.

The size of the strip as well as intermittent and wall inlays can visually enhance the size of the room:

Installation patterns for small rooms

Small strips and detailed patterns enlarge rooms visually. The smaller the strip, the more generous the sense of space. Using more intermittent inlays also enlarges the impression of space. Strip Allegro from HARO would therefore be more suitable for small rooms than Strip Prestige.

Installation patterns for large rooms

Conversely, large parquet strips like Strip Prestige make rooms seem smaller. A wide or dark wall inlay helps additionally.

Note: A square pattern has a neutral effect and influences neither the length nor the width of the room. Make sure, however, that the parquet strip is tailored to the size of the room.

Our HARO partners help to make the right choice

Patterns, room size, angle of incoming light, installation direction: There are many factors to consider when selecting strip parquet. Are you having trouble seeing the parquet because of busy patterns. Our HARO partners have all the different aspects at a glance. They will help you to choose a pattern that is right for you.

Find certified HARO partners here.

Whether English bond pattern, herringbone parquet or installation in bathrooms – 2-layer parquet along with glue down installation is a major challenge for DIY enthusiasts. We recommend: Have strip parquet installed by a professional. You will be guaranteed a top result that will give you years of pleasure.

HARO PARQUET 4000 Strip Allegro Oak Trend None
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Strip Allegro Oak Trend None

HARO PARQUET 4000 Strip Allegro American Walnut Trend None
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Strip Allegro American Walnut Trend None

HARO PARQUET 4000 Strip Allegro Amber Robinia Favorit None
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Strip Allegro Amber Robinia Favorit None

Strip parquet with herringbone pattern and border inlay
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