The clean & green floor care series by HARO offers ideal cleaning and care.

clean & green aqua oil

Easy maintenance of oiled wood floors.

With clean & green aqua oil, caring for oiled parquet floors is now so easy that anyone can do it – no need to pay for a floor-care machine. What's more, clean & green aqua oil is produced based on linseed oil and is therefore environmentally friendly ̈and ensures optimum floor care.

For which floors is clean & green aqua oil suitable?
clean & green aqua oil is a vendor-neutral care product developed specially for all oiled parquet floors.

Why is caring for oiled parquet floors so important?
In order to ensure that oiled parquet floors always look naturally fresh and beautiful, it is important to care for the parquet surfaces regularly and as needed.

When can and should clean & green aqua oil be used?
clean & green aqua oil is suitable both for initial and subsequent treatment of oiled parquet surfaces.

clean & green aqua oil black, aqua oil, aqua oil white parquet care product bottles

clean & green aqua oil is revolutionising the care of oiled parquet floors. The advantages at a glance:

  • Simple, economical and fast to apply.
  • A single-brush floor care machine is no longer required.
  • Simply apply with the "Wischwiesel" flat wet-mop and leave to dry – and that's it.
  • No drying time. The floor can be walked on again after just two hours.
  • Matt and natural look.
  • Eco quality: environmentally friendly and sustainable
    (European Flower eco label).

What is the correct way to apply clean & green aqua oil?

clean & green aqua oil is very simple to apply. Pamper your oiled parquet floor with a beauty treatment as needed in just a few steps so that it continues to shine as it did on day one.

Step 1:
Clear the area to be cleaned fully and clean using a soft broom or vacuum cleaner. A vacuum cleaner with special brushes for parquet floors is ideal for this purpose.

Step 2:
Carry out intensive cleaning using the clean & green active cleaning product. Fetch a bucket as well as a floor cleaner set and add half a dosage cap of clean & green active to 5 litres of cold water. Now dip in the mop head and wring it out thoroughly. Wipe the surface of the floor with the damp mop (avoid letting water stand) and allow to dry.

Step 3:
For best results, wipe again with clean water in order to remove any loosened dirt particles. Wait until the floor is completely dry.

Step 4:
Add the clean & green aqua oil parquet cleaner undiluted to a suitable bucket. Apply the care product to your parquet floors using the "Wischwiesel" flat wet-mop with mop head in uniformly deep and overlapping layers. Always apply lengthways, in the board direction.

Step 5:
Now allow the cleaning product to take effect. Your floor can be walked on again after approx. two hours.

clean & green aqua oil parquet care bottle

Applying to coloured or brushed floors:

We recommend using clean & green aqua oil black for refreshing/touching up the surface finish of very dark oiled parquet. For white oiled parquet, we recommend clean & green aqua oil white.

Intensive care of heavy brushed oiled parquet is just as easy as caring for any other oiled parquet floor. You simply need to replace the "Wischwiesel" mop head with the deep pile mop head (mop head for relief brushed parquet floors), which allows the oil to be applied deep into the texture.

clean & green aqua oil black, aqua oil white parquet care product bottles

Oiled parquet floors: perfect care of oiled parquet and even re-oiling with clean & green aqua oil

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