Cleaning the design floor DISANO by HARO is quick and easy with clean & green.

Design floor cleaning & care: so your new floor remains radiantly beautiful for longer

DISANO by HARO is versatile, healthy living and uncomplicated. We can show you how easy it is to clean your new floor.

Admittedly, there are nicer things to do than routine housework. For example you could enjoy a day at the spa, browse around the boutiques in the city or discover nature while mountain biking with friends, to mention just three alternatives that come to mind straight away. With DISANO by HARO you can get everything right first time. Just follow a few simple tips and cleaning your floor will be child's play. Maintaining your design floor too will quickly become one of the simplest chores – that’s a promise. Leaving you plenty of free time at the weekend for sport, shopping and all the wonderful things that make life so special.

DISANO appearance

DISANO by HARO is just as individual as your life: Discover everything you need to know about our modern styles here:

DISANO by HARO Project Plank 1-Strip 4VM Wild Oak* brushed None
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DISANO by HARO Project

Plank 1-Strip 4VM Wild Oak* brushed None

Clean in a jiffy

Because DISANO by HARO is anti-static and repels dirt, the dust on the surface can be removed really easily. It is usually sufficient to dry-clean your new floor using a dust mop, soft broom or vacuum cleaner. The anti-static nature of DISANO by HARO should be good news for allergy sufferers in particular. After all, if dust does not accumulate then dust mites have no chance. Just breathe deeply.

For those wetter times

Your floor has to contend with a lot especially during colder times of the year. For those times when the children come in from romping around in the garden and forget to take off their wellies, trailing mud throughout the entire living room, there is no other choice than to damp clean your floor. Oh well, this is a job for the flat mop. Never mind though, it’s child’s play with the clean & green cleaning products.

Tips on damp cleaning with clean & green

First clean the surface of your floor with a soft broom or vacuum cleaner. Then add half a dosage cap of clean & green natural to five litres of cold water. The products only reveal their optimum cleaning potential when used with cold water. Now damp-wipe your floor with a floor cleaner set – leave to dry for a short time and that’s it.

Play Tips on damp cleaning with clean & green

DISANO by HARO is extremely low-maintenance and allows dirt to be removed really easily. Take a look at our video and discover all you need to know about how to clean your floor.

Three care products for a long-lasting beautiful floor

We recommend the cleaning and care products in the clean & green range for cleaning and caring for your floor. Not only will you remove dirt, you will also keep your design floor radiantly beautiful for longer. The clean & green products were specially designed to complement our DISANO by HARO design floors and are environmentally-compatible. The ecological quality of clean & green natural and clean & green active is certified by the European Euroblume ecolabel. Meanwhile, clean & green aqua shield has been awarded the Blue Angel, whilst clean & green products clean and care for your floor gently yet intensively.

clean & green natural

We recommend clean & green natural for regular cleaning of your floor. The cleaning agent removes dirt reliably and ensures long-lasting protection. Thanks to its fast and simple application, your new floor is spick and span again in no time.

EU Ecolabel

clean & green active

clean & green active can also be applied with complete ease. The ecological cleaning agent is ideal for intensive, thorough cleaning of design floors that are subject to heavy wear and tear. clean & green active is the perfect cleaner to use before the clean & green aqua shield care product.

EU Ecolabel

clean & green aqua shield

Blue Angel

clean & green aqua shield is recommended for permanently maintaining and refreshing your design floor. Pamper your new floor with a beauty treatment every now and then. clean & green aqua shield was developed especially for refreshing sealed and coated surfaces. Not only will you give your floor a new lease of life each time, you will also increase its durability and protect it from moisture penetrating from above. Apply clean & green aqua shield really easily using the Wischwiesel mop immediately after thorough cleaning. Your floor can be walked on again after around two hours.

DISANO by HARO ClassicAqua Plank 1-Strip XL 4V Tobacco Oak* brushed None
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DISANO by HARO ClassicAqua

Plank 1-Strip XL 4V Tobacco Oak* brushed None

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