Authentic surface textures

Authentic. Natural. Versatile. Surfaces for every taste.

The perfect wood reproduction for laminate floors is easy for us – after all we are Germany's leading parquet manufacturer. Thanks to our experience in refining parquet surfaces we master the natural and vivid presentation of wood types like no other. For those looking for maximum authenticity we offer impressive possibilities. Our products range from smooth surfaces to sophisticated textures which are almost indistinguishable from real wood.

When you see the textures of our laminate floors you can tell right away that someone highly skilled has been at work with great enthusiasm. Our styles leave a perfect impression of vibrant wood which is harmonious up to the smallest detail. Pores, textures, cracks – as vivid as the original. Perfectly reproduced in every detail. What else would you expect of Germany's leading parquet manufacturer?

The small difference with the big effect

HARO offers a wonderful quality in its sense of touch. Thanks to our decades of experience with wood processing we have a keen instinct for authentic wood surfaces. That’s why we offer you our HARO laminate floors in ten surface variants. So you can experience a laminate floor that abounds with naturalness. From silky smooth to heavily textured, you will find the surface finish in our range that enhances your selected style and desired format in a natural way.

HARO laminate surface matt


Smooth with no texture and with natural matt look.

HARO laminate surface pores


Slightly pore-textured and silky shine finish.

HARO laminate surface pores matt

pores matt

Slightly pore-textured and natural elegant look.

HARO laminate surface pores rustic

pores rustic

An expressive pore-textured surface with a distinctive look and feel. The combination of matt and shine effects gives the surface a very special patina.

HARO laminate surface textured


With the feel of real wood grain.

HARO laminate surface textured matt

textured matt

Similar to real wood grain. The matt appearance underlines the natural look.

HARO laminate surface soft matt

Soft matt

A perceptibly velvety soft surface. Natural matt with a slight gloss effect in the texture.

HARO laminate surface authentic


Almost indistinguishable from real wood. Texture and style match perfectly. The gloss level brings a high-finish surface to mind.

HARO laminate surface authentic matt

authentic matt

Almost indistinguishable from real wood. Texture and style match perfectly. The surface has a natural oil character. The Plank 1-Strip designs also have a slight shine effect in the pores.

HARO laminate surface with short and long side bevelling

Bevelled edge on the long and short sides

The edges are chamfered on both sides and the ends – for an even more vivid and authentic effect. The experts call this "long and short side bevelling".

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