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The right staircase for your HARO floor.

You should think of your stairs not only as a way to connect two floors, but also as an opportunity to create an especially beautiful and natural link to your floor. With step elements that match your floor perfectly. HARO Stairs is the extension and refinement of HARO’s high-quality and sustainable floor production. HARO Stairs lends your staircase a particularly beautiful effect both in new buildings and in renovation projects.

It is the most beautiful way to unite your floor and stairs.

Colour, structure, format, form, surface, touch and feel. And perfectly coordinated with your floor. The design of your stairs makes your home that little bit more special. And it turns your stairs into something more than just a way to connect two different floors: It creates an eye-catcher, a designer piece and a sculpture in the room. HARO creates the best conditions for this. So that your new staircase becomes a mere formality to you.

Floorentine mit Händen auf den Hüften

Why is a staircase from HARO the right choice?

Because HARO Stairs allows you to create a new synergy between your stairs and room, a feature that turns them into a design object.

Because HARO manufactures all boards from original HARO Parquet.

Because your stairs will be fully coordinated with your flooring both in terms of colour and surface.

Because the design reflects HARO quality at its best.

Because you get the best support from HARO when it comes to technical questions and the best assistance with the job of measuring your stairs.

Because HARO step elements are supplied completely pre-assembled. For particularly quick and easy installation.

Unique design options

Isn’t it nice when things match, fit together, complement each other perfectly and are coordinated? Just like HARO Service, which makes staircases so easy for you.

Quite simply with a system

All steps, side panelling and end edges are perfectly coordinated and offer maximum design freedom. Everything is possible. Even window sills can be fitted to match the floor and stairs. Whatever you want, we can make it happen together.

What our enthusiastic customers say

“With the complete system from HARO, we found a simple and really beautiful solution for the old staircase during the renovation of my parents’ house. It matches the selected floor in the house.”

Karsten M., Koblenz

Simply measured

Measuring a staircase is complex. But HARO makes the job easy for you. Our partner Flexijet measures the stairs directly in your home or at your construction site. It uses an electronic measurement system called Stairbox to do the job. HARO manufactures a customer’s individual steps made of HARO Original Parquet on the basis of this information. Perfectly measured, perfectly manufactured. So that everything fits 100%.

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