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Discover new possibilities for bathroom design with wood.

Especially in barefoot areas like bathrooms and toilets, a warm wooden floor creates a unique, cosy and natural ambience with a surprising aha effect. After all, wood as a floor covering in rooms with water and moisture is not a matter of course - only with a special floor like HARO SPA parquet makes this possible.

Discover new design possibilities with HARO SPA parquet flooring to discover new design possibilities. Create unexpected and interesting contrasts to the usual cool materials of ceramic and stone. And at the same time enjoy the security of knowing that your parquet floor will cut a fine figure even when wet, for years to come.

HARO Parquet SPA at a glance

The innovative HARO Wood flooring for bathrooms is suitable for damp rooms W0-I according to DIN 18534. SPA parquet is available both as 2-layer and 3-layer parquet. The top layer is always made of oiled oak. This domestic wood species is particularly suitable for installation in bathrooms.

The facts about HARO Parquet SPA:

  1. The surface, oiled at the factory with naturaLin plus, is treated twice more with clean & green aqua oil after installation and thus doubly protected against moisture.
  2. HARO Parquet is suitable for installation on underfloor heating/cooling.
  3. HARO Parquet is easy to care for. Wipe with a damp cloth and re-oil if necessary. Please follow the care instructions.
  4. HARO Parquet has been awarded the Blue Angel as a product that poses no health risk - a decisive factor, especially in the bathroom.
  5. We give our guarantee on this - for 30 years.

Parquet as an alternative to tiles in the bathroom

Designing a bathroom to a high standard, while at the same time being easy to maintain and permanently beautiful - for a long time, only one floor covering came into question for this: tiles. Of course, there are beautiful tiles with a great look. However, if you fancy a floor that radiates liveliness and naturalness, that feels warm and pleasant, you will not be able to fulfil your dream with tiles.

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A parquet floor especially for damp rooms now makes this wish come true. It has all the characteristics that only real wood embodies and turns your bathroom into a wellness oasis to feel good in. At the same time, it is resistant to moisture, water doesn't bother it. And classic tiles are still not taboo in a bathroom with HARO Parquet SPA: the waterproof wooden floor covering is the perfect warm counterpart to the tiled wall and the cool ceramic washbasin.

Investment in the future

Even with wet feet, a wooden floor is hardly slippery. Water and moisture do not affect the structure of the floor, the surface retains its grip, and the risk of slipping is extremely low. An advantage that you benefit from at any age - but especially when you are a senior citizen.

HARO Parquet SPA in the bathroom is therefore considered an investment from which you will benefit now and in the future - and which at the same time ensures the long-term value retention of your property.


You can find more information on barrier-free living with HARO floor coverings and accessories on our "Barrier-free living" topic page.

Lasting beauty

So that you can enjoy your HARO Parquet SPA right from the start and enjoy it for years afterwards, it is important that your parquet is professionally installed by a qualified craftsman. The installer glues the floor to the subfloor over the entire surface and sprays the edge area on the wall with a permanently elastic joint compound. After installation, the wood is oiled twice more with clean & green aqua oil. This time-consuming procedure is worthwhile: your parquet floor is now well cared for and optimally protected against moisture penetration.

Standing dampness or excessive humidity in the room (over 70 percent) should nevertheless be avoided. In everyday life, the following therefore applies: puddles of water and very wet footprints are best removed immediately. Air your bathroom regularly and thoroughly. And keep an eye on the degree of use and condition of your floor: if necessary, your wooden floor in the bathroom can be re-oiled at any time - with clean & green aqua oil, you can carry out this care programme yourself at any time, as uncomplicated and simple as mopping.


TIP: Regularly re-oil!
Regular care with clean & green aqua oil renews the oil layer of your HARO Parquet SPA and preserves moisture protection and beauty for years.

clean & green aqua oil

The right care: Optimally matched to oiled parquet floors and use in damp rooms. Simply apply undiluted, allow to soak in for two hours and your wooden floor can be walked on again immediately.

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