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Wooden floor on rails

This is how you install wooden planks quickly and cleanly on the wall.

Whether you opt for the natural effect of a parquet floor or the trendy look of a laminate floor: The basis of your "floor on the wall" is a rail system.

Mount the rails with some ground clearance and at a distance of approx. 50 cm and then simply fix the floor boards with the appropriate clamps for the respective thickness of the floors. In the HARO Accessories you will find specially adapted clamps for HARO Parquet with a thickness of 13.5 mm as well as for HARO Laminate floors in element thicknesses of 8 and 7 mm.

Click your wall surface together just as quickly and easily as you know it from laying the HARO Floor coverings.

Removable without residue

Another plus point for the HARO Wall system is that it can be removed very easily. The panels are clipped off, the wall mounting rails are unscrewed and any drill holes are filled again. It couldn't be simpler. This makes the system perfect for rented flats. Because when you move out, you simply take the material with you and so HARO Wall finds its place in your new home.


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