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Sustainability at Hamberger

Trees are not only our passion, but also the basis of our existence.

Sustainability and the careful use of our natural resources are in our company's DNA. We live from this wonderful natural product wood, but also with it. Hamberger manages over 250 hectares of forest around its site in the Bavarian Alpine foothills. And like any good forest owner, we are constantly busy with reforestation, forest regeneration and closing gaps caused by windthrow, for example.

Climate change poses completely new challenges - for the forest itself, but also for all those who look after it. Weather phenomena have increased. Heavy rainfall, but also long periods of drought and storms are becoming stronger and their consequences more severe.

For the sake of the environment

Our most recent project is the reforestation of a clearing on the high banks of the Inn left behind by the last storm. In consultation with the Office for Food, Agriculture and Forestry (AELF Rosenheim), 775 more climate-resistant trees were planted, especially deciduous trees that can cope better with the expected weather.

A plantation was created in the shrub landscape of the landscape conservation area:

  • Black walnut
  • Bird cherry
  • Sycamore maple
  • English oak

The goal:
A healthy, resilient mixed forest.

But the sustainable management of the remaining forest stands is also a challenge for our foresters. Sustainability exists when wood that is removed is replanted to at least the same extent and existing forests are preserved for generations through continuous regeneration.

Sustainability is an integral part of our corporate values

Managed over generations since 1866, adapting to changing market conditions without forgetting its roots. This is how our factory stream Simms, which used to drive machines in the brickworks, became a supplier of sustainable electricity. Just like the two power plant units that are fed with the wood waste from our production. Together, these provide renewable energy for over 20,000 households in our home community and supply our plant with electricity and heat.

As our handling of the raw material wood, from forest management to residual utilisation, shows, we take the concept of sustainability further with our products. These use wood from sustainably managed forests and strictly follow the philosophy of healthy living floor coverings - with no negative impact on users or nature.


Would you like to find out more about HARO and us as a family business? Write to us or visit us in Stephanskirchen near Rosenheim. We look forward to hearing from you and will be happy to answer your questions.


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