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Cleaning cork floors properly

Cleaning and caring for cork floors is quick and environmentally friendly

Your new cork floor is antistatic, dirt-repellent and creates a pleasant indoor climate. We show you how quickly you can clean and maintain cork surfaces, whether you want to remove bread crumbs or traces of potting soil. And of course, it's best to use environmentally friendly cleaning and care products for a healthy home.

Naturally clean: How to keep your cork floor clean

Cork is the ideal floor covering for a healthy, clean and natural home: its natural, antistatic properties make it easy for you. And the HARO permaDur sealant additionally protects the surface from penetrating dirt. Dry cleaning is therefore usually sufficient for everyday use. You can also wipe through from time to time - and that's it.

Cleaning cork floors - the quick dry cleaning

For a clean cork floor, it is sufficient to regularly remove coarse dirt from its surface. You can decide individually what you use for dry cleaning. Mops, hair brooms or hoovers are suitable. Tip: Also remove dirt from chair and table legs so that it does not cause scratches. And with the hoover, make sure that a parquet nozzle is included in the accessories, as this will not scratch the floor.

Cleaning cork floors - economical damp cleaning

Depending on how dirty your floor is, damp mopping may be necessary. This is often the case in autumn and winter, for example, when you bring in more dirt from outside. Only damp mop your floor with the appropriate eco-cleaning agent. Your cork floor does not like standing water. So wring out the mop cover well. We recommend the perfectly coordinated and environmentally friendly HARO clean & green cleaning system with practical dosing cap, which can be precisely dosed and is therefore very economical and ecological at the same time.

Optimum success with just a few products.

For regular cleaning, we recommend the HARO parquet cleaner clean & green natural. This is perfectly matched to your natural floor and has been awarded the Ecolabel. In addition to cork floors, it is also used for parquet. Add half a dosing cap to five litres of cold water and simply clean the cork floor with a standard flat mop. The practical starter set from HARO also includes a mop, bucket and cleaning agent.

The HARO basic cleaner clean & green intens, on the other hand, can be used for stubborn stains, but above all in preparation for floor care with HARO Intensive care clean & green aqua oil for oiled surfaces or HARO Refresher clean & green aqua shield for sealed floors.

Caring for cork flooring - keeping it naturally beautiful

A floor that is easy on your joints, cushions your steps and naturally spreads warmth - this special floor covering also deserves special care. With our HARO Refresher clean & green aqua shield, you can freshen up the look of your sealed cork floor and prolong its natural beauty. The care also increases its durability and protects the sealed surface from moisture.

Tip: Applying the new protective layer can slightly change the gloss level of your floor. You should therefore always treat the entire surface evenly.

Before using HARO Refresher clean & green aqua shield, carry out a basic cleaning with HARO Basic cleaner clean & green intens. This will remove dirt particles and dissolve deposits. Then pour the undiluted care product into a suitable, wide bucket and wipe sparingly with the HARO Apply sparingly, evenly and in overlapping strips to the floor. You can walk on your cork floor again after just two hours.

If you have an oiled cork floor, please use HARO Intensive care clean & green aqua oil instead of the refresher described. However, the work steps are identical.


Did you know?

The cleaning and care product range from HARO clean & green has been recognised for its environmental compatibility. The label "Blauer Engel" and the EU Ecolabel certify an environmentally friendly product for a healthy home.

Additional tips for a long life of your cork floor

The room climate

Just as we humans need a suitable climate, your cork floor also wants to feel comfortable: A relative humidity of approx. 30 to 60 % at a room temperature of about 20 °C maintains the quality and increases the life of the floor. Checking the room climate is particularly important when the heating is on, especially as the outside air is also drier in cold seasons.

Floorentine mit Katze auf dem Arm

The furniture

Another tip for preserving the value of your floor: think about protecting it as soon as you instal a new cork floor. Attach felt glides to chairs and table legs or - for minimum frictional resistance - Teflon glides, both of which can also be found at HARO Accessories. This will prevent scratches from the outset and you will enjoy an undamaged floor covering for longer. Please check the chair glides regularly to ensure that they are clean and not worn.

A final note

You should be careful with household remedies and "life hacks". Only use products that are tailored to the needs of cork. In extreme cases, these can cause lasting damage to your wonderful natural floor! You can find a suitable cleaning system for caring for your cork floor at HARO clean & green, for example.

You can also read all the information on cleaning and caring for cork in the care instructions enclosed with every pack or in our care guide.


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