HARO Wall Nevada Oak River heavy brushed – Design wood as wall paneling

Interior design

Natural beauty as a room concept

Naturalness triumphs in the design of modern rooms that radiate warmth and atmosphere. HARO Interior offers attractive options for using the unique radiance of wood for your wall design, stair trim and even for your living room table. With HARO Wall for wall design, HARO Stairs for integrating your stairs with your floor concept and a distinctive HARO Table made of parquet, you are sure to create living spaces rich in harmony, elegance and charm.

HARO Table - Precious wood tables

The tables are produced from original HARO Parquet and thus let you create an individual design for your living space. Whether rustic or classic - we offer the perfect solution.

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HARO Wall – Design wood

Refine walls - Create atmosphere with the new adhesive system
In keeping with today’s trends, contractors are turning more and more often to tasteful floor elements to design walls or sections of walls. You can also easily “install” our floors on the wall.

Make a statement and use the naturalness of structured wood surfaces for an extravagant room design.

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Floor on the wall

You have the option to simply continue using your parquet floor as wall paneling to create an extravagant room design. We have developed an installation system that lets you professionally adhere your HARO floor to the wall. The floor boards are mounted to the rails of the system and are outfitted with aluminum profiles or wood nosings to cover the edges. The result is a stylish accent for your room that reflects the naturalness and warmth of your HARO floor.

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HARO Stairs – Stair trim

Our range of accessories includes adhesive stair trims that allow you to design your stairs to match your HARO floor. You can thereby connect two levels of living with your favorite floor and create a very harmonious sense of space.

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