Daily life at HARO focuses on sustainability and resource-friendly action.

Sustainability & Environment

Dedicated to sustainability for more than 150 years

It is a long way from the little tree seedling to the precious parquet floor - at least in terms of time. In terms of transport, however, Hamberger prefers short ways: The majority of the timber used for producing HARO Parquet comes directly from the area around the production plants. This reduces long, environmentally damaging transports and effectively supports the regional forestry at the same time. As proof that the timber used can be traced and tracked through the entire chain of custody from the certified sustainably managed forest to the final parquet product, Hamberger products have been PEFC certified since January 2004.

Hamberger also leads the way in terms of sustainability and environmental protection in production. Hamberger was one of the first companies in the wood-working industry to be certified according to DIN EN 14001 already in 1998 and has been validated to the EU Eco Audit: As a company proudly rooted in the Bavarian region – and in a long tradition – we live by high environmental standards as you can immediately see from the "Blue Angel" eco label awarded to our products.

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