The innovative surface treatment of HARO Parquet ensures long-lasting enjoyment of your floor.

Our surface finishes

Three surfaces from HARO® – with unique qualities

The surface finish not only accentuates the natural beauty of a parquet floor. HARO® surface treatments also preserve the natural radiance of the floor and protect it reliably – with minimum care needed. You can decide which of the three HARO® surfaces, permaDur, naturaDur and naturaLin plus, best suits your parquet depending on the wear and tear to which your floor is exposed and your preferred look.

HARO PARQUET 4000 Longstrip Ash Trend None
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Longstrip Ash Trend None

The parquet floor sealing permaDur ensures that your parquet floor will look beautiful and cared for many years from now. naturaDur A parquet floor with naturaLin plus
Perfect for Anyone who is looking for a particularly durable parquet floor that is easy to maintain. For those who want the look of a natural oil surface combined with optimal protection and easy maintenance of a high finish. Anyone who is looking for a very expressive and natural parquet floor.

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With four different HARO parquet surface treatments, there is the right one for every area of application.
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