DISANO by HARO for full glue-down installation: health living, waterproof, durable

Glue-down installation

Enjoy a lifetime of your DISANO Design floor.

With DISANO Project, you receive a waterproof floor covering, which must be fully glued down by a professional installer at your premises.

Other design floors from HARO are also suitable for a full glue-down installation by an expert, such as the waterproof DISANO Saphir, DISANO Smart Aqua and DISANO Classic Aqua. Thus, DISANO Classic Aqua as well as DISANO Smart Aqua can be used in wet rooms.

Please note:

Due to their highly swell-proof AquaReject coreboards, the design floors DISANO Classic Aqua and DISANO Smart Aqua are also approved for installation in wet rooms in accordance with A0. These floors offer additional moisture protection, but still contain a portion of wood. Generally, this could react to moisture.

Therefore, strict adherence to installation instructions is absolutely necessary! Adherence to the moisture content limit for the subfloor as well as the use of an additional vapor barrier constitute the prerequisite for a satisfactory installation result. Installation instructions can be found in every other package or can downloaded here.

DISANO by HARO Project Plank 1-Strip 4VM Wild Oak* brushed None
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DISANO by HARO Project

Plank 1-Strip 4VM Wild Oak* brushed None

* Please note that full glue-down installation of DISANO products is only possible with the DISANO Pro and DISANO Classic Aqua versions.

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