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The right care for your HARO wood performance flooring

So your floor will shine for a long time.

HARO Wood performance flooring promises the synthesis of the best of parquet and design flooring and stands for greater well-being. As you can already guess from the description, our HARO MULTIVO flooring is cleaned like a sealed parquet floor. Here you can find out how easy it is to clean your MULTIVO floor.

If you perform every day, you don't want to spend your free time doing tedious cleaning work. But that's exactly why you chose our HARO MULTIVO. The six well thought-out layers also make house cleaning easy for you. The top wear layer on the natural wood flooring not only guarantees the elegant look of a parquet floor, but also offers the proven advantages of easy cleaning of our sealed parquet surfaces. With a few tips and the right care product, your floor can be cleaned in record time. So you can set new sporting records in your free time or spend quality time with friends and family.

A clean affair

Dirt and dust are quickly and easily removed from the high-quality surface of our wood performance flooring. Most of the time, dry cleaning with a broom, mop or hoover is sufficient - preferably with a parquet nozzle to avoid scratching the floor. If coarser dirt is carried into the cosy living room after a tour through the forest, wet cleaning is unavoidable. But even this is quickly done with your MULTIVO floor.

When it does get wet

Depending on where you use it and the time of year, your flooring may be exposed to more wear and tear. If wetness comes into the house after jogging or an extended mountain hike, or if there is snow in winter, then damp cleaning is unavoidable and the flat mop comes into play. With the cleaning products from HARO clean & green, however, this is no challenge and becomes a home game.

Tips for wet cleaning MULTIVO

Always clean the surface of your MULTIVO floor with a broom or hoover first. This removes coarse dirt or small stones. For wet cleaning, add clean & green natural parquet cleaner to five litres of cold water using the practical dosing aid HARO. The dosing aid saves cleaner, protects the environment and your wallet and also avoids overdosing the cleaner. Even with cold water, the cleaning products develop their optimum cleaning potential and you avoid streaks. Now wipe your floor evenly and damp with a flat mop - leave to dry briefly and you're done.

Three care products for a long-lasting beautiful floor

For the care and cleaning of your floor, we recommend the products in our cleaner series HARO clean & green, which have been developed on the basis of our many years of experience. This not only removes dirt, but also keeps your wood performance floor beautiful for a long time. The HARO Parquet Cleaner clean & green natural has been specially formulated for our sealant for wooden floors, whether parquet or MULTIVO, and is ecologically correct. The ecological quality of our cleaning agents is confirmed by the European Ecolabel. The matching care product HARO Clean & green aqua shield refresher has been awarded the "Blue Angel" label. HARO clean & green products ensure environmentally friendly and product-friendly, yet intensive cleaning and care.

Eco cleaner HARO Parquet cleaner clean & green natural

For regular cleaning of your wood performance floor, we recommend HARO Parquet Cleaner clean & green natural. The cleaning agent reliably removes dirt and provides lasting protection. Thanks to its quick and easy application, your beautiful floor will be sparkling clean again in no time.


HARO Basic cleaner clean & green intens

The application of clean & green intens is also completely uncomplicated. The ecological cleaning agent is suitable for intensive basic cleaning of heavily used floors. HARO Basic cleaner clean & green intens is used before the care product HARO Refresher clean & green aqua shield is applied to maintain your floors.

Floor care HARO Refresher clean & green aqua shield

For long-lasting care and refreshing of your wood performance floor, we recommend HARO clean & green aqua shield. Treat your flooring to a beauty treatment every now and then. HARO Refresher clean & green aqua shield has been specially developed for refreshing sealed and coated surfaces. Not only will you make your floor shine again and again, you will also increase its durability and protect it from moisture penetrating from above. Apply HARO clean & green aqua shield after basic cleaning with the Wischwiesel. Your floor can be walked on again after just two hours.


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