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HARO Room Visualizer

Lay your dream floor virtually in your home with just one click.

Whether parquet, laminate, cork or design flooring, thanks to a large variety of designs, you are guaranteed to find a floor covering in our extensive range that suits your home. The HARO Room Visualizer will help you find your dream floor. Make yourself comfortable on your sofa with a cup of tea and pick up your smartphone, tablet or laptop. With the HARO Room Visualizer, you can virtually install a wide variety of floor coverings in your home in a matter of seconds. There's no easier way to choose a new floor.

Here we tell you how the HARO Room Visualizer works and what advantages it offers you when choosing your dream floor.

The floor of your dreams with just one click

Do you want to test which floor fits best in your rooms? Then simply install your desired floor virtually with the HARO Room Visualizer. You can easily use our visualiser directly here on our website or via the HARO digital! App.

Click in the HARO digital! App, simply click on the "Products" tab and select your desired floor via the "Product search". The "See in my room" button will then take you directly to the HARO Room Visualizer.

How does the HARO Room Visualizer work?

The virtual installation of your dream floor is a real breeze thanks to the HARO Room Visualizer. Simply snap a photo of your room with your smartphone or tablet and upload it. A few moments later, you can already see how your dream floor would look in your home.

This way you can judge in a few seconds whether the colour and format of the floor covering you have chosen really fits in your home. Test as many floor coverings as you like. Choosing flooring is still the most fun from the comfort of your sofa at home.

Get creative

The HARO Room Visualizer offers you numerous possibilities to find the perfect floor covering for your home. Not only can you try out which colour or format best suits your personal style, but you can also find out the optimal installation direction. The Visualizer takes into account every individual detail of the room you have photographed, such as your furniture, the incidence of light and the associated shadows. So you know immediately how to install your desired floor to achieve the best result.

Of course, you can send the picture of the room you have designed directly by e-mail or print it out. This makes it easy to include the opinions of friends and family in the decision-making process.

Once you have decided on a suitable floor covering, you can have an original hand sample sent to your home via our HARO Sample shop to have an original hand sample sent to your home. This way you can be sure that not only the look but also the feel of your dream floor is convincing.

Our tip:

With the HARO Room Visualizer, you can not only try out in advance which décor suits your furniture. You can also change the installation direction and quickly see how the room effect changes as a result.

Try it out now!


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