• Entry to the world of the high-quality HARO floor coverings.
  • HARO and the primary raw material wood.
  • From matchstick factory to parquet specialist.
  • HARO over the years.
  • HARO parquet presented in all its diversity.
  • HARO strip parquet to suit every taste and every style.
  • See for yourself the full range of HARO products on over 700 square meters of space.
  • Individual wood floors, refined by hand from HARO parkettmanufaktur.
  • Experience live the high-quality and long-lasting laminate floors in the Gran Via series from HARO.
  • The different surface treatments from HARO.
  • Cork floors from HARO  – a pleasure for all the senses.
  • The CELENIO by HARO wood floor – the robust all-rounder in a variety of designs.
  • Experience the healthy-living design floor DISANO by HARO live in the HARO Showroom.
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