With the simple click system, the floating installation of HARO Laminate is child's play.

Click installation/Floating installation

HARO Laminate Floor - Glueless, quick and easy to install, and with perfect fit!

Top Connect installation – as easy as pushing a button

Anyone wanting to install their laminate floor themselves, but did not dare to previously, can now make it happen. Probably the simplest installation system in the world, Top Connect allows you to create the most beautiful worlds of flooring more easily and with greater stability than ever before. The boards simply have to be angled in on the long sides and interlocked at the short side with just a little bit of pressure. The floor is fitted extremely securely and is immediately ready for use. And it’s just as simple to remove the floor if you are moving.

Easy and fast to install thanks to Top Connect.
Floating installation | Step 1 Floating installation | Step 2 Floating installation | Step 3

Angle in – press down – finished

Installation of HARO Laminate Floor Silent CT

Please follow the special installation instructions for Silent CT laminate floors. Installation instructions

Play DIY laminate installation – installation instructions: HARO Top Connect, floating installation

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Very quick and easy to install
  • Professional high-precision connection technology
  • Easy to put in, easy to take out
  • No tools required for installation
  • Secure connections at the side and end joints
  • Suitable for glue-down installation

Installation with Lock Connect plus - for Special Edition NKL31

Angle in, click, finished! The clever trick: With the innovative Lock Connect plus installation system, you simply angle-engage the individual boards in a perfect, seamless fit. Angle in, click, finished! This saves glue, tools and, above all, time.

The simple Lock Connect plus installation system for quick installation.

Installation variant 1: Click the short sides together
When installing with Lock Connect plus, the boards are first angled in at the long sides and then clicked together at the short sides with a hammer and tapping block.

Floating installation | Step 1 Floating installation | Step 2

Installation variant 2: Angle-engage the short sides
Optionally, the boards can be angled in on both the long and the short sides without using installation tools.

Floating installation | Step 1 Floating installation | Step 2 Floating installation | Step 3

Your benefits at a glance:

  • - Just a few work steps – just a few tools
  • - Floor can be used immediately
  • - Simply take it with you when you move
  • - Can be installed without the need for an edge guide
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