A Longing for Faraway Places and a Love for Home

Pösling (Germany) – “I wanted to create an environment that reflects my personality, that is unique, modern and yet down to earth. With a floor that has character, that was created by nature and refined by hand, that combines individuality with values like tradition and authenticity,” says a 39-year old filmmaker planning the refurbishment of an old house. For his film projects he has travelled to many countries around the world, mostly on bicycle or on foot. What fascinates him most on his travels are people, nature and authenticity. This naturalness and authenticity is also important to him at home, which is why he chose Plank 1-Strip Oak Barrique from parkettmanufaktur by HARO for his house.

The location of the house already reveals the two sides of the filmmaker and his wife. Close to the city and yet with an unobstructed view of the Alps. Large windows look out on the mountains and plains he likes to hike across outside of work or for his sports industry clients. With its vibrant grain pattern, the Plank 1 Strip Oak Barrique floor from parkettmanufaktur by HARO gives the puristic interior design a warm atmosphere. The unusual look of the floor is created by a specially developed production process in which the top layer is solid coloured. As a result, the floor is more durable and can even be sanded several times without losing any of its colour. The surface is then treated with the Oloevera® natural oil, which dries by oxidation, protects and brings out the unique character of the wood. It creates an open-pored oiled surface that allows the wood to breathe and gives it a pleasant feel.

His second job in the textile industry is another reason why the filmmaker is often abroad, mainly in Asia. So it is all the more important that the home provides a permanent haven of peace and comfort. The natural oiled planks made of precious oak wood were fully glued down. This emphasises the high value of the floor and its inimitable look and feel. The vibrant grain of Oak Barrique contrasts with the white walls and the large floor-to-ceiling windows. “Everyone who sees the floor is blown away by it – just like my wife and I are”, smiles the filmmaker.

Project name:

A Longing for Faraway Places and a Love for Home


Pösling (Germany)

Installed HARO® products:

parkettmanufaktur by HARO, Plank 1 Strip Oak Barrique

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