Tamina Therme – A special wellness experience

Bad Ragaz – It is almost 800 years since hunters stumbled upon the 36.5 degree hot spring in the Tamina Gorge. Today this discovery has allowed Ragaz develop into a renowned spa town in which the Tamina Therme plays a central role.

The Bad Ragaz thermal spa water bubbles up from the spring in the Tamina Gorge at a temperature of 36.5° C. With its superb architecture, the modern thermal water world of the Tamina Therme in Bad Ragaz is a unique spa resort. Spa guests can immerse themselves in the healthy thermal water in its purest form. Bathing in the water helps aid recovery, relaxes the muscles, strengthens the immune system and promotes blood flow.

Recuperation for the body and mind

The Tamina Therme is also synonymous with special moments of indulgence, such as the unique haki® method developed by Harald Kitz for example: the individual concept helps people who need to clear their heads, unburden themselves of everyday stresses and thus relax in a holistic way.
In the specially designed and bespoke “haki® – The Art of Touch” treatment room, a new dimension of treatment rituals has been created, which helps people eliminate both physical and emotional pressure and re-establish a balance in their lives. This special wellness package was awarded the “European Health & Spa Award” in 2017, a European award for health and spa innovations.

HARO creates a special atmosphere

An important aspect for the jury in awarding the prize was not only the package itself, but also in particular the infrastructure and atmosphere.
The Tamina Therme impressed in this respect thanks to the sophisticated concept of lighting combined with the natural materials used to fit out the treatment rooms. HARO Parquet was the inspiration for the exceptional design of the treatment rooms, such as never seen before. HARO Parquet Ash Fancy contributes significantly to the special award-winning atmosphere of the haki® treatment room. The use of HARO Parquet as wall panelling and even as shelving creates unity and harmony in the room and thus conveys a feeling of security.
HARO Longstrip African Oak on the wall is showcased here in an exceptional way thanks to innovative lighting installations, while the brushed naturaLin surface comes into its own impressively in every lighting situation. For anyone seeking some special downtime in an impressive setting therefore, the Tamina Therme is the ideal location.

Project name:

Tamina Therme – A special wellness experience


Tamina Therme, Bad Ragaz Switzerland

Size of reference area:

45 m² / 64 m²

Project features:

Parquet on the wall

Installed HARO® products:

Longstrip African Oak Trend brushed naturaLin plus / Plank 1-Strip 2V Ash Fancy brushed naturaLin plus

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