living with passion at the highest level

Six Senses Resort - Bhutan

living with passion at the highest level

Thimphu, Bhutan – The unique Six Senses feature five authentic lodges that stretch across the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan. Each lodge has its own individual character that harmonises with its surroundings. Deep valleys, high peaks, broad views and a spacious natural setting all go into making a stay in Bhutan an unforgettable experience. The country’s riches derive from diverse flora and fauna, a ubiquitous spirituality and a colourful culture. Although the lodges differ in terms of size and design, they all reflect the basic concept behind Six Senses and offer a spa experience, wellness, healthy cuisine, comfort, tranquillity and the opportunity for self-discovery.

With tremendous passion and careful attention to detail, the most highly skilled craftsmen have created rooms and spaces with one aim in mind: to pamper the senses of guests. To highlight the harmonious unity of the bedrooms, the floors were finished with HARO Parquet Plank 1-Strip Oak Markant brushed 4V with a naturaLin plus natural oil surface finish – perfectly matching the style. It’s a true dream as well as a place to dream.

Project name:

Six Senses Resort - Bhutan


Thimphu, Bhutan

Size of reference area:

3.000 m²

Project features:

Customer: Bhutan Ventures Hospitality Private Limited
Installer: Industries Limited Delhi

Installed HARO® products:

Plank 1-Strip (180) 4000 Series Oak Markant brushed 4V TC naturaLin plus

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living with passion at the highest level living with passion at the highest level
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