Migros Fitnesscenter in Bern

Migros Fitnesscenter

Migros Fitnesscenter in Bern

Bern - There’s no end in sight to the popularity of keeping fit in the company of like-minded people under expert supervision. The Migros Fitnesscenter offers a varied programme of training and fitness courses in Christoffelgasse 6 in Bern.

Covering 2,000 m² of floor space, spread over three floors, the enormous range of training options ensures that there is something for even the most avowed critic of weight training. The fitness centre was designed and equipped in collaboration with fit & wellness concept GmbH, a company that has opted for HARO Parquet in a range of different health and fitness projects. 

In the group exercise rooms, with full-length mirrors on the walls, specialists have installed the HARO Helsinki ECO Top sports floor in African Oak Tundra. The special elastic coating of this sports floor protects the joints during strenuous workouts.

An exceptional fitness concept with an outstanding design – HARO is the ideal partner to meet such requirements. HARO Parquet Longstrip 4000 Oak Barrique Trend heavy brushed 4V naturaLin plus was installed in the training rooms and the walls were panelled with HARO Parquet Plank 1-Strip (180) 4000 Series Oak Sauvage.

Project name:

Migros Fitnesscenter


Christoffelgasse 6, Bern, Switzerland

Size of reference area:

1,214 m²

Project features:

Planning: fit & wellness concept GmbH

Installed HARO® products:

Longstrip African Oak Tundra brushed naturaLin, Sports Floor Helsinki ECO Top African Oak Tundra, Longstrip 4000 Oak Barrique Trend heavy brushed 4V naturaLin plus, Plank 1-Strip (180) 4000 Series Oak Sauvage Brushed 4V naturaLin plus

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Migros Fitnesscenter in Bern Migros Fitnesscenter in Bern
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