Kærholmen - Copenhagen

Kærholm, 218 flats

Kærholmen - Copenhagen

Kærholmen was the first construction project on the three small islands of Engholmene that was completed between February 2014 and November 2019.

The project was planned by the architectural firm Arkitema K/S, Aarhus, in cooperation with Gröning Arkitekter, Copenhagen. The project was commissioned by K/S Kaerholm, Charlottenlund, and the general contractor was Casa A/S, SØBORG.

The project is located in the former Copenhagen harbour in the Engholmene area, a site that is being transformed from an industrial port into exclusive neighbourhoods. Inspired by the canal and green landscapes of New York, Amsterdam and Venice, the architectural team of Claus Gröning that is overseeing the master plan for the Engholmene area introduced these ideas into the project. Water plays a central role in this project by serving as the essential element of life. The entire south side of the project is located across from the yacht harbour in Copenhagen, a place that serves as an anchor in the daily lives of city residents. The area is dotted with maritime facilities, restaurants, cafes, bars and small businesses.

The nine-storey, 26,000-square-metre project consists of 218 attractive and state-of-the-art flats that are characterised by their high level of functionality and their exceptional design. Each flat has its own balcony or roof terrace that offers a spectacular view of the former harbour area and surrounding canals. The flats are light filled and are particularly homey as a result. Private parking places are located in the underground car park. Some of the flats can be reached directly from here as well. 

In planning the flooring for the projects, the interior designers turned to the HARO sales team in Denmark led by Stig Madsen and Sören Blokkager. The critical factor in their decision was the far-reaching selection offered by the HARO line of Parquet 4000 Plank 1-strip, products that come in the latest colours and with the latest surfaces. 

Project name:

Kærholm, 218 flats


Copenhagen, Denmark

Size of reference area:

approx. 17,000 m²

Installed HARO® products:

Parquet HARO 4000:

  • PL Oak Light White Markant, brushed 2V permaDur
  • PL Plaza Oak Markant Sand White, brushed 4V naturaDur
  • PL Plaza Oak Markant, brushed 4V naturaDur
  • PL Oak Tobacco Grey Universal, br. naturaLin plus
  • PL Ash Country Light White, brushed matt
  • PL Oak Markant, br. 2V permaDur
  • Allegro 4000 Strip, Oak Trend Light White, br. permaDur
  • PL XL Oak, br. Oleovera (parkettmanufaktur by HARO)

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Kærholmen - Copenhagen Kærholmen - Copenhagen
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