Baltic Sea Hotel in Close Touch with Nature

Hotel Haferland

Baltic Sea Hotel in Close Touch with Nature

Wieck a. Darß – The majority of Germans prefer to holiday at home rather than travelling to faraway places. The Baltic Sea is among the most popular holiday destinations in Germany. Natural reserves, the sea, lakes, forests and the good air attract thousands of people looking for recreation. In the Haferland hotel in Wieck auf dem Darß, relaxation starts right in the hotel rooms. When redoing all the rooms, apartments and corridors the hotel's owners, the Evers family, decided to go for Celenio, the unique wood floor from HARO. Nice and warm to the touch, resilient, break-resistant and easy to maintain, Celenio pleases the eye with its natural colouration and authentic looking stone textures. This floor provides the basis for the new elegant country style of the higher standard hotel. The fact that the carpeting had to make way for the new wood floor not only pleases people with allergies.

“The reason for replacing the sisal floor with the wood floor was the visual effect on the one hand and, on the other, hygienic aspects because it allows better and deeper cleaning, for example if guests bring their dogs. Another major point was that some guests have allergy problems. And our housekeeping staff find it very easy to clean. We are totally satisfied with this decision, especially for the mentioned reasons,” explains hotel manager Swantje Evers.

In Celenio nature shows its most beautiful aspects
The hotel comprises three connected thatched buildings and is situated in a natural garden area fronting the sailboat marina in Wieck, a village in the “Nationalpark Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft.” This natural environment is reflected inside the Haferland hotel. As the Evers family places great importance on natural materials, only a wood floor came into question. It provides warmth and comfort and creates a pleasant room climate thanks to its ability to absorb and release moisture from and into the air. As part of the refurbishment, the interior design was to be more elegant and less rustic than before. With this in mind, the Evers family opted for the unique wood floor Celenio by HARO. It combines the positive properties of wood with the look of stone, slate and even textile. An olive tone was selected for the corridors, while a somewhat darker colour was chosen for the hotel rooms, along with new curtains. The elegant “Athos” multi-colour natural stone look and the “Ardesia” fine slate design from Celenio go well with this fresh new style. The guests are also very fond of the new floor. Many think it is slate and are then baffled that it is so nice and warm. “We are always happy to resolve the mystery,“ says a smiling Swantje Evers.

Quick installation without disruption to the hotel’s business
Swantje Evers found out about Celenio, the unique wood floor, through an information box for a new art gallery in the nearby village of Ahrenshoop. This temporary “artists’ box” had a Celenio floor. Although there was a lot of traffic from visitors to the artists’ box, the floor still looked in excellent condition even after a long time. This led her to contact HARO dealer Helmuth Schael Holzbauelemente in Bentwisch near Rostock in Germany.
Everything from consulting to delivery and installation was provided from a single source. After the removal of the sisal floor, the glue-down installation of the more than 1600 square metres of the unique Celenio wood floor went quickly and smoothly, causing no disruption to the hotel’s business.

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Hotel Haferland


Bauernreihe 5 a, D-18375 Wieck a. Darß

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Baltic Sea Hotel in Close Touch with Nature Baltic Sea Hotel in Close Touch with Nature Baltic Sea Hotel in Close Touch with Nature Baltic Sea Hotel in Close Touch with Nature Baltic Sea Hotel in Close Touch with Nature Baltic Sea Hotel in Close Touch with Nature
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