View out over the water, parquet underfoot

Building redevelopment / Elbdeck

View out over the water, parquet underfoot

Neumühlen-Ottensen / Hamburg – The reference to real estate as "concrete gold", a so-called sought-after investment, is nothing new. Also not new is the fact that demand, especially in desirable residential locations, is high. "Elbdeck", a complex comprising three buildings each with six or nine floors in Hamburg-Neumühlen, is one such property and a real highlight. The location: Between the museum harbour Oevelgönne and the Hamburg Fish Market, directly at the Elbe, just one minute's walk to the river promenade. The fittings: Exclusive! Property developer HBI Hausbau-Immobiliengesellschaft mbH opted among other exclusive fittings for the elegant oak planks from HARO for the 100 apartments. This is because both HBI and manufacturer Hamberger have committed themselves to creating genuine quality of life with exclusive natural products.

Apartments for comfortable living: Maritime flair and exclusive fittings
Those who have watched the ships sailing by from their apartment and felt the noble oak wood beneath their feet know what exclusive living means. Some 8,000 square metres of HARO Parquet Plank 1-strip Oak light limewashed brushed Permadur matt finish was glued down by Hamburger professional installers Trebelsberger & Schlapkohl in the living areas and bedrooms of the apartments, which measure between 45 and 100 square metres. Thanks to the multi-layer construction, all HARO Parquet floors can also be installed effortlessly over underfloor heating and, as in the case of Elbdeck, even with an integrated cooling function. The light coloured oak planks together with the large windows create a pleasant and airy atmosphere.
Individuality is a major issue when it comes to fittings also. How fortunate then that oak wood per se can be combined with a large variety of furnishing styles and colours. As with the quality flooring, the other fittings are also of a high standard. All apartments are fitted with sun protective glazing. The bathrooms are fully tiled and high-quality terrace wood was installed on the balconies. An elegant white high-gloss kitchen from Nolte, fitted with convenient technical solutions such as induction cooktop with integrated extraction from Bora, gives the Elbdeck homes an additional luxurious character. The penthouse apartments additionally offer wide light-permeated window fronts and generous terraces looking directly out onto the Elb. Arrive home to luxury: No need to search for a parking space, Elbdeck offers a car parking space for all tenants in its own three-level underground car park. Centrally located stairways and elevators provide convenient access to the individual apartments from the car park.

Sustainability and high living comfort
Apart from the intention of making a stable investment, HBI is committed to building especially high-quality residential and commercial properties, because these are also sustainable in terms of utilising resources and convey a correspondingly pleasant sense of well-being to the tenants. Convincing the customer as to the merits of HARO Parquet was therefore no problem for Hamburg based HARO Premium Partner Andresen & Jochimsen. This is because the parquet floors are created – from tree trunk to finished plank – in Rosenheim, south of Munich. What's more, Hamberger offers a guarantee of up to 30 years for its parquet floors. Sustainability is therefore not just an empty phrase for Hamberger, Germany's largest parquet manufacturer. "We provide quality of life" is the ultimate objective of the family business with its almost 150 years of tradition.

Location, location, location
The estate agent slogan proves true once more with Elbdeck: Situated between the museum harbour Oevelgönne and the Hamburg Fish Market and directly leading onto the Elbe promenade, Elbdeck entices you to savour life and living at Hamburg's harbour. The buildings integrate perfectly with the existing building fabric within the port and thanks to outstanding architecture play a skilful balancing act between "building redevelopment" and "modern". Those who can afford these exclusive surroundings also have high expectations when it comes to the apartment fittings, and the property developer has met these demands among others with the choice of HARO quality parquet floors.

Project name:

Building redevelopment / Elbdeck


Neumühlen, Hamburg

Size of reference area:

8.000 m²

Project features:

Customer / developer: HBI Hausbau-Immobiliengesellschaft GmbH // Architect: Carsten Roth // Contractor / supplier: Andresen & Jochimsen GmbH & Co. KG

Installed HARO® products:

HARO Parquet 4000 Plank 1-strip Oak light, brushed, Permadur finish

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View out over the water, parquet underfoot View out over the water, parquet underfoot View out over the water, parquet underfoot View out over the water, parquet underfoot
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