With HARO sunProtect you can actively protect your parquet floor from fading in sunlight.


Sunscreen for your parquet

Fade-resistant 2 layer parquet with sunProtect

Think tank HARO has developed a highly effective surface treatment product with sunProtect, which ensures greater color consistency and reduced discoloration in 2-layer parquet with permaDur sealing and smooth finish. sunProtect is absorbed into the wood and prevents the lignin from discoloring. It is the first effective means of ensuring ultimate and lasting color consistency in parquet. HARO offers this protection for an exclusive range.

The exclusive sunProtect technology is available for selected products from the HARO Professional range: Allegro Strip Parquet, Prestige and Scala with permaDur sealing and smooth finish in oak, steamed beach and Canadian maple on request.

Without the use of HARO sunProtect, parquet can discolor in places exposed to sun.

Without sunProtect

The natural color of your parquet is preserved for longer thanks to HARO sunProtect.

With sunProtect

Holzland Woody Award 2013
HARO® sunProtect wins in the "Innovative Product" category

The jury presented the award for the innovative surface treatment that protects the parquet floor from the effects of exposure to UV light.

Our HARO® PARQUET range:

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