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It is hard to believe how varied and stylish nature can be - when HARO is part of the game. The wide variety of our parquet range gives you design options never before imagined. You’ll be inspired by the wood’s diverse forms of expressions - light, dark, lively, calming, timeless - in on-trend longstrip and plank 1-strip designs, by the delicate variations in grades, from Exquisit to Sauvage, and by our surfaces featuring exclusive finishes in traditional woodworking styles.

To help you more easily find the product that matches your creative ideas and your decor, we have divided our range into three parquet lines: Natural Line, Elegant Line and Classic Line. We hope you enjoy our Style Guide!

The HARO Parquet Elegant Line is calm, natural and representative.

Elegant Line Subtle. Natural. Distinguished.

HARO® PARQUET Plank 1-Strip and Longstrip flooring of the Elegant Line add refined elegance with a calm appearance. Available in selected grades, they are synonymous with a sophisticated style of living.

The HARO Parquet Classic Line creates classic living environments.

Classic Line Living environments of classical beauty.

Our Classic Line parquet floors show off the natural beauty of real wood with a timeless, classical look. These Plank 1-Strips and Longstrips thus give you a perfect basis for turning your individual vision of a beautiful, comfortable home into reality.

The HARO Parquet Natural Line characterizes life on the natural side.

Natural Line The natural side of life.

Our Natural Line range is as diverse as nature itself. Experience the unique character and vibrant appearance of our Plank 1-Strips and Longstrips. Real wood in all its natural beauty: authentic, easy-going and inviting from the very first moment.

Colored parquet surfaces emphasizing the natural wood grain and texture are also in line with the latest trends. Limewashing, in particular, brings out the wood’s grain pattern to best effect. Enjoy color-refined parquet with a vibrant personality.

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