Shabby chic for your home: Shabby Oak laminate floor from HARO.

Shabby Look

The appealing retro trend for a new experience in home design

The HARO TRITTY 90 plank 1-strip Shabby Oak is a laminate flooring that offers a very unique interpretation of this hot trend.

Eight designs developed specifically for the TRITTY 90 Series and a new surface with a silky-matt look and feel set the scene for the room’s trendy and modern style. The look is underscored by a beveled edge on all four sides that creates a very natural character. Discover the perfect floor complement to the huge trend in shabby chic.

Experience a recollection of the past, the charm of an heirloom, signs of wear and tear and an imperfect finish testifying to its authenticity - that is shabby chic. In this vein, the lively styles of the TRITTY 90 laminate floors create an environment that subtly seize on this trend. An example of this is the Shabby Oak style that conveys the impression of freshly harvested timber with its vibrant look.

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