Longstrip and Plank 1-Strip with 3D effect

The most beautiful highs and lows

In line with the, quite literally, tangible trend in parquet flooring towards distinctive textures, HARO® offers exciting retro brushed Plank 1-Strips and Longstrips. With their completely natural surface texture, which is without any artificial alterations, this floor is a truly authentic wood floor. The slightly raised knot areas create a touch of nostalgia – like a time-worn wood floor. Classical like Oak Sauvage or Oak Sauvage Tobacco Grey, these wood floors not only fit in well with a country style, but also with clean-cut modern interiors.

The new retro brushed and retro brushed 3D textures are a revolution in the Longstrip segment and create living spaces that appeal to all senses. The well-balanced combination of natural, rustic and stylish features also breathes new life into classical designs like Longstrip and adds a unique twist to this floor.

For the brushed texture of Longstrip and Plank 1-Strip, the soft material between the annual rings is brushed down using special brushes – a trendy alternative to smooth surfaces. Heavy brushed Longstrips have an attractive texture with distinctive ridges and valleys. The retro brushed texture for Longstrip and Plank 1-Strip creates a vintage “used” look with slightly raised knot areas and a very authentic character. For the scraped texture, the surface is refined using a plane to create a unique distressed effect. Our latest development is the retro brushed 3D texture for Longstrip. Its look and feel provide a previously unimaginable level of authenticity. In addition to the raised knot areas, each top-layer strip is beveled on all four sides, giving the Longstrip design the appearance of small individual planks.

HARO PARQUET 4000 Plank 1-Strip 180 2V Oak Light White Sauvage brushed None
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Plank 1-Strip 180 2V Oak Light White Sauvage brushed None

  • Combination of deep brushed surface and 4-sided bevel around each top-layer strip

  • Knot areas are brushed down and emphasized

  • Unique naturalness of surface and texture

  • Finishing the surface with naturaLin plus natural oil creates a very matt, vibrant and naturally rustic floor surface

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