By means of an ingenious system, HARO Floors can easily and quickly be installed on the wall.

Floor on the wall

Stylish wall design in countless variations

Wood on the wall - this trend is nothing new. In the past, walls were already panelled with wood. Wooden wall panelling can be found in many rustic country houses, in cosy hotels and as a warm surface on cold castle walls. But wall panels with warm wood surfaces are increasingly found in modern, design-oriented houses and apartments, too. Nowadays, boards of high-quality that are matched to the floor surfaces are used instead of simple wooden boards. he Rosenheim-based parquet specialist HARO offers decades of experience as a manufacturer of high-quality wooden floors manufactured in Germany and offers perfect solutions for contemporary interior wall design with its current and cutting-edge laminate and parquet flooring, as well as the innovative wood floor CELENIO.

Wall design in tune with the latest trends

The days when white walls were the ultimate in interior design are long gone. Minimalist home and furniture design in particular needs warm surface accents on the surrounding spatial surfaces. Walls and floor are once more receptive to colour and tactile surface structures. What could make more sense then than to also use wood as a material in areas where it has already proven itself for centuries? Modern systems allow parquet, laminate boards or wood tiles in slate look to be installed with ease on the wall and thus not only create a cosy living atmosphere but also showcase a room in a special way. The wall surfaces cloaked in HARO Parquet, HARO Laminate or CELENIO become a real eye-catcher in any home. Create a hip and trendy industrial look with CELENIO wood tiles or a visually enlarged sense of space, where the floor seems to continue seamlessly up the wall. The sky is virtually the limit as far as the imagination goes.

Quickly and easily attached to the wall

Mounting modern HARO Floor coverings on the wall is incredibly easy. The reason for this is the specially developed wall mounting system by HARO that is perfectly tailored for the HARO range. This system consists of fixing rails, special start and end pegs, as well as mounting pegs. Whether you choose HARO genuine wood Parquet, HARO Laminate or CELENIO Wood Tiles - all quality floors by HARO can easily and quickly be mounted to the wall. After the first row has been aligned with the spirit level , they can easily be attached with start pegs. Now, a quick and easy step-by-step installation is possible thanks to the mounting pegs to the wall. It is done in exactly the same way as installing a floor. The special end pegs, which are used for the final fixing of the floor boards on the wall, are the last part of the "installation work" on the wall. A matching aluminium moulding that covers the sides is a perfect finish that forms the perfect frame for your new wall. For designing rooms with parquet, HARO even offers cover skirting in matching colours, produced from original parquet boards.

Residue-free removal

Another advantage of the HARO wall system is that it can easily be removed again. The system is easily removed in the reverse order of its installation. The panels are taken off, the wall mounting rails screwed off and drill holes smoothed out again. It couldn't be more simple! Therefore, the system is also ideal for rented apartments. When moving out, you can simply take it with you and find a new place in your new four walls.

Our download centre provides installation instructions, installation videos and lots of additional information about our floors

Wall panelling with simple click system – easy to remove again.
Flooring on the wall click system
Flooring on the wall click system in parquet
HARO floors can be installed quickly on walls.
Thanks to the clever fixing method, floor on the wall assembly couldn't be easier.
Installation instructions for parquet on the wall.

Parquet on the wall
Installation instructions

Installation instructions

Installation instructions for laminate on the wall.

Laminate on the wall
Installation instructions

Installation instructions

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