Cleaning the design floor DISANO by HARO is quick and easy with clean & green.

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Breathe easy!

DISANO by HARO flooring is antistatic and dirt-repellent. That's why people with allergies also increasingly choose this floor because where there's no dust, house dust mites have no chance.

And yet another plus! To keep the floor that clean, all it takes is vacuum cleaning and occasional damp wiping.

Dry cleaning
HARO floors are very easy to maintain. Dry cleaning with a mop, broom or vacuum cleaner is generally all you need to do. For people with allergies we recommend the special "Parquet & Co." vacuum cleaner from Miele.

For regular dry cleaning of the HARO floor coverings, we recommend vacuum cleaners from Kärcher (e.g. VC 6 with parquet nozzle).

Damp cleaning
When it's raining or snowing outside boots will track in a lot of dirt, making it inevitable to give your floor a damp wipe once in a while. However, "the more the better" is the wrong approach when it comes water on the floor covering. For regular damp cleaning, we recommend the flat wet-mops Ultramat Klassik, WischMat extra or Premium 5 from Vileda.

Quick, easy and natural – for optimal care of DISANO flooring. Designed for the special requirements of modern, responsible households, we recommend the natural parquet cleaner from the clean & green series for the regular cleaning of DISANO by HARO flooring.

Tip: The HARO accessories range provides many useful products that help protect your floor and keep it looking beautiful for a long time.

Dry cleaning of the robust DISANO by HARO design floor is child's play.
Use clean & green to clean your floors throughout the house.
Close-up of floor, clean & green natural cleaning agent in green bottle, green bucket and flat wet-mop

clean & green natural

Care in normal-traffic living areas

Use clean & green natural to clean your normal-traffic DISANO floor especially easily and effectively.

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Close-up of floor, clean & green active cleaning agent in blue bottle, green bucket and flat wet-mop

clean & green active

Care in high-traffic areas and commercial applications

For basic cleaning of design floors used in high-traffic areas and resilient floor coverings in areas of heavy footfall.

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Care for your sealed floor with clean & green aqua shield.

clean & green aqua shield

Floor care

For permanent renewal and care of your design floor.

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