Spring into life with HARO Parquet ProNamic


Tread softly like on velvet paws – an exciting option for anyone who likes to live an especially active life at home too. HARO ProNamic is a premium parquet floor that takes the elegant look of parquet and blends it harmoniously with the absorbing qualities of a pedigree sports floor.

Rosenheim – Smart parquet floors for active types. HARO Sports is a globally renowned provider of sports flooring. Olympic competitions as well as world championships in a variety of different disciplines or also leisure and recreational sports are frequently held on HARO sports floors – right around the globe. HARO is now also using this expertise for “normal” parquet in the 4000 Series. The result is HARO ProNamic, a smart parquet floor for especially active individuals.

50 percent less impact energy

HARO Parquet ProNamic achieves its especially smooth and soft qualities primarily as a result of the 8mm special elastic layer, which lies between the screed and parquet boards. This layer absorbs the impact by up to 50 percent when walking, running or jumping. A further comfort effect is the noise absorption of ProNamic – no matter how intense the activity, scarcely a whisper can be heard from the floor. This makes it especially suitable for rooms used regularly for training, dancing or gym work.

The perfect floor for fitness rooms

Whether for children or adults, the topic of avoiding injuries caused by falls is an important topic for many families. That’s because a floor that yields intelligently and therefore effectively cushions any potential impact can protect from mishaps and resulting health consequences. And even if nothing goes wrong: HARO ProNamic is the joint care specialist beneath the parquet floor, making every individual step pleasant and comfortable.

Easy to install and great variety

HARO specialist dealers have a variety of options to choose from. Four high-finish, sealed versions are available as standard in the wood types Oak, African Oak, Merbau and Beech, while a naturally oiled version is offered with the select parquet floors in the 4000 series.

HARO ProNamic is therefore the ideal choice for fitness rooms and studios as well as for active people who prefer to work out at home. It is likewise ideally suited for anyone who values high levels of comfort as well as flooring that is gentle on the joints and absorbs sound.

The advantages of HARO Parquet ProNamic at a glance:

  • Absorbs more than 50 percent of impact force
  • Provides effective protection for back and joints
  • Cushions falls and therefore reduces the risk of injury
  • Absorbs walking noise
  • Offers excellent slip resistance even with high-finish, sealed surfaces
  • High-finish, sealed surfaces: Oak, African Oak, Beech and Merbau
  • Naturally oiled surfaces from the 4000 Series are available additionally
  • Easy to lay
  • Ideal for training rooms in fitness studios or private fitness rooms
  • Easy to maintain thanks to tailored care products

For further information about this innovative product just ask your HARO dealer via the website www.haro.com.

Spring into life with HARO Parquet ProNamic
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