Dream bathroom with glam factor


High-quality parquet in the bathroom is a fascinating prospect, one that transforms a dream bathroom into an absolute eye-catcher when installed professionally. And when the parquet is also presented in the sublimely beautiful herringbone look, then this type of dream floor is sure to set all hearts racing.

Rosenheim – Wood in the bathroom? Absolutely! Because it is warm underfoot and pleasantly soft to walk on in bare feet, parquet offers real comfort for modern bathrooms in particular. However, many end consumers shy away from choosing parquet for the bathroom, because moisture and wood are not regarded as being especially harmonious. Such reservations are unfounded with the right choice of parquet and professional installation, since parquet is actually a good solution for the bathroom too when some installation and care requirements are taken into account.

Total certainty thanks to professional installation

HARO Strip Parquet SPA in the special wood species oak is a really good choice. Oak is an extremely robust type of wood with a low tendency to absorb moisture. When HARO Strip Parquet SPA is glued down to the subfloor by professionals, moisture cannot penetrate the parquet from below. The two-layer structure lends the HARO Strip Parquet Prestige SPA special stability, while its 3.5 mm top layer allows long-term use. The floor is available in the natural oil surface finish naturaLin plus, a naturally oiled surface with a velvety soft appearance that is treated with HARO SPA oil. This emphasises the truly unique aesthetic quality of the parquet floor.

For example, the HARO Strip Parquet Prestige SPA shown here in 10 x 120 x 1,000 mm format is ideal for installation in the bathroom and can also be installed in the modern and especially eye-catching herringbone look.

Beautiful looks – from classic installation to herringbone pattern

As already mentioned, HARO Strip Parquet Prestige SPA can be installed in the totally trendy herringbone pattern. The attractive overall look this creates transforms the dream bathroom into a real eye-catcher. Such striking aesthetics are becoming increasingly popular. And with HARO Strip Parquet Prestige SPA, the proper installation and care provides customers with added certainty that they will enjoy years of pleasure from their bathroom. The neighbours too cannot fail to be impressed when they see such a bathroom!

Parquet in the bathroom should essentially be installed by skilled parquet installers. With utmost care and attention, they ensure that no gaps arise during installation that would encourage penetration of moisture. And once the floor has been installed, the craftsman will treat and waterproof the parquet surface with HARO SPA oil. This moisture protection prevents briefly stagnant water penetrating the top layer.

Nevertheless, care should always be taken in the bathroom to ensure that stagnant water drops are not allowed remain for any length of time or that areas of water are allowed to form. It is best after using the shower or bath to quickly wipe off any stagnant water or drops on the floor using a hand towel. Following these rules will ensure many years of pleasure from a beautiful SPA parquet floor in your wellness bathroom.

Dream bathroom with glam factor
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