Skirtings: Perfection in every detail


A HARO floor creates atmosphere and quality of life in living areas. The perfect look is achieved with accessories that are almost inconspicuous to the eye but yet really important for the overall impression, such as for example perfectly matching skirtings. HARO accessories are produced with the exact same precision and standard of quality as exquisite parquet or trendy laminate or design floors. The end product is a tested system consisting of floor and original HARO accessories.

Rosenheim – Details that impress. It is often the little things that determine whether the overall impression succeeds visually. That is why HARO partners place great emphasis on choosing the right accessories when advising their customers. As beautiful as the effect of a uniform parquet or laminate surface may be, the harmonious look is only achieved by ensuring the perfect finish to the wall. This is where HARO skirtings make their mark – and with ultimate quality from HARO for every floor and every desired effect.
Real wood – delicately worked
When customers opt for HARO Parquet, they are also assured of finding the perfect HARO skirting to match the chosen wood. These skirtings are manufactured with the same care and attention as the parquet itself, with a solid wood core and exquisite wood veneer. When it comes to the surface finish also, the customer has the same choice as for the parquet surface: HARO skirtings come in either oiled or sealed surface quality, each in perfect harmony with the look of the parquet floor.
Optimum protection – complete aesthetics
More and more building owners, renovators or modernisers are opting for a HARO laminate or design floor and thus choosing optimum comfort and longevity. The extensive HARO accessories range includes the perfect matching skirtings for HARO quality floors. The skirtings can be covered with a decorative layer, if desired, printed using the latest digital printing technology. This creates the perfect transition from floor to wall. If the customer opts for a waterproof laminate or design floor, there are of course suitable matching skirtings that are protected against penetration of moisture.
Skirtings as an eye-catcher
A skirting in a similar style to match the floor creates a subtle and harmonious transition from the surface of the floor to the wall. Modern white skirtings can also be used effectively however to create a visually fluid transition to white or very light-coloured walls. The trendy HARO Kubus skirtings set a striking tone here. These and many other types of skirting can be found in the extensive HARO accessories range – naturally to suit all floor variants. HARO LED fastening rails are available for those who prefer fancier lighting and can be combined with every HARO stick-on skirting. The skirting is mounted really easily on the previously installed LED rails. Seek the advice of a HARO retail partner therefore and find out about the tested HARO accessories range, which has been specially developed and tested for HARO floors. HARO quality floors together with HARO original accessories deliver a tested floor system that offers many years of pleasure.

Skirtings: Perfection in every detailSkirtings: Perfection in every detail
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