CELENIO by HARO Athos Ferro


Athos Ferro

Construction & warranty

Top quality for your home.

Our warranty
CELENIO® by HARO® is the perfect choice for anyone looking for that extra special bit of luxury. These amazing floorboards are available in three formats – and for three types of installation. Experience a new style of living – in the kitchen, dining room, living room... Break-resistant and warm underfoot, CELENIO® provides improved quality of living.

Because of the high quality of CELENIO®, we confidently offer a 15-year residential warranty against breakage.

Warm and cozy
With its one-of-a-kind feel and its pleasant warmth, CELENIO® also sets standards in comfort: the warm, cozy look and feel creates a deeply inviting atmosphere.

CELENIO® 15-year warranty
CELENIO by HARO Ardesia Taupe
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Ardesia Taupe

Pleasantly warm underfoot, easy to maintain, and yet so robust – the CELENIO by HARO wood floor.
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