HARO® Tritty Laminate Floors are on track for success. They look great, are durable and easy to maintain and provide many more outstanding characteristics. Laminate floors from the parquet specialist - always a good choice!

Design & colour

Wood at its most innovative

Those looking for innovative and inspiring floor solutions for a completely new style of living will quickly find a favorite among the trendy CELENIO range. Be inspired and enjoy life according to your own rules.

CELENIO in the ComforTec version or with luxury insulation underlay Silent Pro ensures pleasant acoustics through minimum footfall and indoor sound.

Areas of application
CELENIO is especially suited for installation in living areas. When installation in the kitchen is intended with a possible one-sided load, e.g. from a heavy kitchen counter, please consult with our technical department at [email protected]

Typical wood
As a natural wood product, CELENIO impresses with a warm and naturalness typical for wood. Part of this is its change in color due to UV radiation, which occurs with every wood floor. The surface of CELENIO reacts like that of a varnished parquet and the same principles for installation apply to CELENIO as with parquet installation.

Dimensions Atrium, Athos: 526 x 350 x 8 mm (with ComforTec / Silent Pro 10mm)
Dimensions Papyrus, Ardesia, Attika: 703 x 350 x 8 mm (with ComforTec / Silent Pro 10mm)
Dimensions Soho: 703 x 350 x 6,5 mm
Dimensions special edition Atrium, special edition Athos: 526x 350 x 6.5 mm

CELENIO by HARO Athos savanna None
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Athos savanna None

CELENIO by HARO Athos concrete grey None
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Athos concrete grey None

CELENIO by HARO Atrium anthrazit None

Atrium - slate design

Modern interior design is unthinkable without slate. Beauty, elegance and the timeless character of its pleasant colour, surface and texture add that special something to any room. What's even better is that it now comes in a unique, warm wood material instead of cold stone.

CELENIO by HARO Athos polar grey None

Athos - natural stone design

Available in a choice of nine attractive color shades with a natural stone texture. It provides the ideal setting for an exciting yet comfortable design environment with that special atmosphere only wood can create.

CELENIO by HARO Ardesia onyx None

Ardesia – Elegant Slate Design

A calm appearance paired with trendy colours and an unusual texture impress with fascinating elegance.CELENIO® ARDESIA is the perfect complement to a stylish interior design. With its warm material and easy installation, this wood floor is convincing in every respect.

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