CELENIO by HARO Athos Lava


Athos Lava

Design & colour

Wood at its most innovative

Are you looking for innovative and unusual floor solutions to create your own unique interior design? You’ve come to the right place! Our CELENIO® range offers the perfect choice for anyone with a strong sense of style. Be inspired and design your living space exactly as you would like it to be.

Sound absorbing effect
CELENIO® combined with ComforTec® or the Silent Pro luxury insulation layer ensures a pleasant acoustic environment by minimizing both footfall and room sound.

Application areas
CELENIO® is particularly well suited for use in all living areas around the house. If CELENIO® is to be installed in the kitchen and will be subject to uneven loads, e.g. due to heavy kitchen units, please contact our technical department prior to installation at info@haro.com

Wood product
As a product made of wood, CELENIO® offers the warmth and typical characteristics of this natural material. This also includes color changes under the influence of UV light, which occur in every wood floor. A CELENIO® surface has the same properties as the surface of factory prefinished parquet. When installing CELENIO®, the same rules apply as for parquet.

Atrium, Athos dimensions: 20 23/32'' x 13 25/32'' x 5/16'' (13/32'' with ComforTec® / Silent Pro®)
Papyrus, Ardesia, Attika, Dunas dimensions: 27 11/16'' x 13 25/32'' x 5/16'' (13/32'' with ComforTec® / Silent Pro®)
Soho dimensions:27 11/16'' x 13 25/32'' x 1/4''
Atrium Special Edition, Athos Special Edition dimensions: 20 23/32'' x 13 25/32'' x 1/4''

CELENIO by HARO Athos Lava


Athos Lava

CELENIO by HARO Atrium Anthrazit


Atrium Anthrazit

CELENIO by HARO Atrium Anthrazit

Atrium - slate design

Modern interior design is unthinkable without slate. Beauty, elegance and the timeless character of its pleasant colour, surface and texture add that special something to any room. What's even better is that it now comes in a unique, warm wood material instead of cold stone.

CELENIO by HARO Athos Lava

Athos - natural stone design

Available in a choice of nine attractive color shades with a natural stone texture. It provides the ideal setting for an exciting yet comfortable design environment with that special atmosphere only wood can create.

CELENIO by HARO Papyrus Onyx

Papyrus - textile design

The PAPYRUS design features an amazing look and feel. Modelled on the antique writing material with its interesting textile texture, this wood floor provides the basis for unique living environments. CELENIO® PAPYRUS is perfect for anyone who loves the unusual.

CELENIO by HARO Ardesia Purple

Ardesia – Elegant Slate Design

A calm appearance paired with trendy colours and an unusual texture impress with fascinating elegance.CELENIO® ARDESIA is the perfect complement to a stylish interior design. With its warm material and easy installation, this wood floor is convincing in every respect.

CELENIO by HARO Attika Ferro

Attika – Rock Stone Design

With its strong character and individuality, the exclusive CELENIO® Wood Floor in ATTIKA design adds a natural vibrancy to the room.An inspiring design element for creating a sophisticated interior that reflects your personal style.


Soho – Concrete design

The Soho design with the stylish concrete look is definitely the most unusual surface you can choose for a wood floor. The typical colors of the building material are combined with the fine structure and texture of fair-faced concrete to create a look of intriguing industrial aesthetics. The perfect basis for an individual interior design beyond the mainstream.

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