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As a responsible company, Hamberger Flooring GmbH & Co. KG has always maintained open dialogue with the media. We supply you with text and visual materials in our press section and are on hand as an expert contact to support you in your work.

Our floor coverings are natural and impress many customers around the globe thanks to their authentic radiance and quality Made in Germany. They are the result of decades of research and innovation. HARO is therefore the right contact when it comes to manufacturing floor coverings as well as for queries in relation to production.

Because we above all offer a purely natural product with our parquet, topics such as sustainability, healthy living and environmental awareness are especially important to us. We fulfil all European environmental standards with our products and are the first parquet brand in Germany to be certified under PEFC. We have operated our own combined heating and power station since 1971 where we thermally recycle wood waste into green electricity and heat. We use the resulting heat and electricity to operate our production systems and buildings and feed any unneeded energy into the public grid. In 1998, HAMBERGER was one of the first companies in the wood-processing industry to be certified under EN 14001 and also validated under EMAS (EU eco-audit). It therefore follows that our products are also certified under ecological guidelines and bear the Blue Angel.

Wood and its processing has been our passion for 150 years. Our company is therefore filled with many exciting stories revolving around topics such as the timber trade, parquet production, formats, surfaces and floor installation. Our company history is continually marked by innovations that have influenced the entire sector and brought living comfort into the lives of people. The natural raw material wood as a material for floor design is more contemporary than ever. Natural in trendy formats with new surfaces or also puristic, such as for example the products from the parkettmanufaktur by HARO range. As a media representative, we can provide you with relevant information and background knowledge that will allow you immerse yourself in the topic of "Wood as a basis for enhanced quality of life."

5 flooring highlights for the press

  • Parquet is much more than a floor covering: A real parquet floor will endure for decades and offers exciting contrasts für modern living concepts.
  • Modern parquet surfaces lend the wood its natural appearance.
  • Laminate, design and cork floors can scarcely be differentiated from real wood floors thanks to their natural styles.
  • Our products stand for healthy living and optimum living comfort
  • Our variety of formats offer scope for designing new interior concepts.

Emotional stories

Inspiration for exciting stories – parquet as an expression of ultimate living culture.

As a journalist you like to tell authentic stories. We are delighted to support you in your research and provide you with expert contacts to help answer your questions. Our company history offers you a wealth of interesting topics concerning the mid-sized sector, family business, innovations, business succession and responsibility towards region and society. From the development of new flooring concepts to traditional craftsmanship through to production in one of the most modern parquet plants in Europe. Why not talk to us and be impressed by our experience and expertise in manufacturing high-quality floors.

You will find further ideas for exciting stories in our Lifestyle Magazine "Inspirations by HARO”. Our website also offers interesting facts in relation to the HARO brand and our versatile products.

Some trend topics in the area of flooring

  • Parquet is an expression of modern quality of life. Natural and warm, it is fully in line with the trend towards healthy living.
  • Generous formats offer families building their own home new design opportunities.
  • Oiled floors offer natural surfaces and ease of maintenance at the same time.
  • "Inspired by Nature” is the name given by HARO to the intense naturalness and colours from nature. Mother nature acts as the source of new colours.
  • The trend is towards pure nature – with knot effects welcome and brushed surfaces reflecting originality.

Healthy living thanks to healthy living floors

  • DISANO design floors: Healthy living alternative to vinyl flooring, free from PVC and plasticisers
  • Cork flooring by nature offers soft walking comfort and ultimate healthy living properties.
  • Parquet, laminate, etc. also offer a better alternative to carpet and synthetic floors for allergy sufferers.
  • Accessible flooring solutions allow older people and people with restricted mobility to enjoy stylish living too.

Find your parquet story!
Parquet is fully in tune with the style of today. Allow your readers a quick glance behind the scenes and convince yourself as to how effectively we combine industrial production and regional and ecological responsibility under one roof.

Be inspired by our ideas for your parquet story and use our substantial body of information first hand for your research.

Visit our press portal and immerse yourself in the HARO parquet world.

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