The universal colour worlds of HARO Parquet

Rosenheim – The new parquet product range for 2019 has been revised and updated especially in terms of colours and colour worlds. Some new trend colours, such as Fumed Oak, have been added to the product range and the premium segment Plaza has been extended.

The structuring of the product range in universal colour worlds for Longstrip and Plank 1-Strip allows more efficient presentation at the point of sale and thus supports sales to end consumers to perfection. The classic modern, yet timeless parquet colours in the Longstrip and Plank 1-Strip ranges are now combined in the four colour worlds of White (Sand White, Puro White), Nature (Invisible, Nature), Brown (Amber) and Grey (Sand Grey), all of which are available in three different surfaces, namely naturaLin plus, naturaDur and permaDur. Modern trend colours are also available with the naturaLin Plus surface in the Plank 1-Strip range. The new HARO Parquet product range for 2019 has been significantly streamlined and is presented in a clearer and more differentiated manner in comparison with the competition.

HARO is thus impressively underscoring its role as a premium manufacturer, offering an extremely attractive product range of choice bestsellers in trendy colours with all surface variants, and thereby creating the basis for simple and efficient sales. What’s more, HARO is additionally offering trend colours for the Plank 1-Strip range such as Oak Crystal White, Oak Atelier, Fumed Oak Puro White, Fumed Oak Invisible, Fumed Oak, Oak Reed Brown, Oak Tobacco Grey and Oak Shell Grey, all fitted with the naturaLin plus surface.

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