Sales promotion for HARO moisture-resistant floors

Rosenheim – HARO launched its sales promotion for moisture-resistant floors in April 2019. Retail customers in selected European countries can benefit from attractive purchasing conditions when buying a moisture-resistant HARO parquet, design or laminate floor for use in wet areas.

The following HARO floors are especially suitable for installation in wet areas.

  • HARO Parquet SPA – The natural product that can also be used in household bathrooms
  • HARO Tritty 200 Aqua laminate floor – The durable laminate floor that can also be used in wet areas
  • DISANO by HARO – The healthy living design floor in the Smart Aqua, Classic Aqua, Saphir and Project series

These floors can be used in household bathrooms and also anywhere with short-term heavier exposure to water – for example in kitchens or entrance areas. And the floors can of course also be used in areas where customers want this added certainty.

Contact the HARO sales team for information on the advantages offered by the promotion.

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