The exciting new HARO digital! app

Rosenheim – HARO developed the new HARO digital! app to provide sales representatives with professional support during their conversations with customers and to give them all of the sales-relevant information they need. At the press of a button, the app presents sales representatives with all important product information and offers optimal visualisation possibilities.

Today’s customers expect to have an array of information available to them in real time. And they expect to see contemporary product presentations that include videos and animations as well as product information that they can access at any time. All of these features are included in the new HARO digital! app that now transports HARO retail partners to a new dimension of premium floor selling. The app offers features that focus on the individual needs of the customer. This transforms the entire sales and consultation process for both the HARO retail partner and the customers into a multidimensional sales experience.

The main functions of the new HARO digital! sales app:

  • A QR code scanner for quickly checking product information and connecting to HARO’s digital product world
  • Visualisation of room impact with the help of the HARO floor studio
  • Connection to the virtual reality headset Oculus Go
  • A range of product videos and tutorials
  • A configurator that quickly prepares offers
  • A free service that is compatible with all mobile terminals

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