Attractive PoS system for displaying accessories

The HARO partner PoS concept is continually enhanced with the addition of eye-catching presentation systems. These systems can be used to present the latest sales promotions, innovations and the current range of HARO products professionally in showrooms in tune with customer requirements.

HARO has created a new line of PoS systems that include an x in their name to complement the classic gallery and waterfall presentations as well as pull-out sample racks. The x stands for “experience” and describes the sensation created by modern presentation systems at the PoS.

At BAU 2019, HARO also showcased its new PoS system “x-panel” for accessory displays for the first time. Products from the HARO line of accessories can be displayed flexibly and individually here. The system is rounded off by coordinated shelves for showcasing the individual accessory folders, which complement the system effectively and efficiently.

The system can be extended if desired and therefore added on to gradually by HARO partners. The basic version can attractively display 24 skirtings and three folders with moulding systems and insulation underlays.

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