Benefit in a host of ways as a HARO parquet dealer


Parquet from HARO is the ideal basis for an even more beautiful home. As a dealer who offers our high-quality parquet range as well as our other versatile quality floors, you will benefit from the appeal of a strong and familiar brand. As a manufacturer backed by 150 years of tradition, our passion for wood has always driven us to achieve outstanding results. Our parquet floors are the culmination of our experience and innovative strength, as can also be witnessed with our laminate and design floors.

HARO laminate floors are different from other comparable products in many respects. When it comes to their durability, their naturalness and their noise classification, HARO laminate floors set high standards.

The DISANO design floors reflect the direction current lifestyle trends are taking. Modern floors have to be uncomplicated and fresh. And in terms of healthy living, they must of course also be free of any harmful substances.

As a HARO partner, you not only benefit from our quality products. We have also developed shop concepts that allow you to design your exhibition spaces in a stylish and refined manner. Your customers will appreciate sourcing high-quality products in an elegant ambience and enjoying top-rate consultations.

Gain an insight into parquet for dealers

HARO parquet dealers – a formula for success with vision.

HARO parquet for dealers.

5 highlights for dealers

  • As a HARO partner, you have a wide range of high-quality parquet floors to choose from as well as laminate and design floors.
  • Our shop concepts are adapted individually to suit your salesrooms.
  • With high-quality sales documentation, prestigious POS systems and an extensive accessories programme, you can offer your customers perfect support and consultation.
  • As a HARO dealer, you will receive support in the form of training and personal consultation so you can continue to inspire your customers with innovations and lifestyle ideas.
  • And with our premium partnership, you also have other valuable advantages open to you.

Emotional stories

HARO – a strong partner for retail

At Hamberger Flooring GmbH & Co. KG we see ourselves traditionally as a strong partner for our dealers. We have continually proven our flair for the ongoing technological advancement of our products through a host of innovations. And the same can be said of us too when it comes to the principle of sustainability. This applies in just the same way for procuring the raw material wood as for our handling of other resources. For example, we recover the energy we need to produce our parquet from our own power station: We thermally recycle wood waste arising from production and feed the resulting heat and electricity back into our production. It goes without saying that our products fulfil all relevant EU environmental conditions. We make sure that our production processes are in harmony with both environmental protection and work safety requirements. As a dealer you know then that you are presenting products that make living more beautiful and healthier and enhance people's lives.

Some trend topics in the area of flooring

  • Our Plank 1-Strip Plaza sets generous standards in interior design.
  • The naturalness of our surfaces supports every type of architectural requirements. Especially also with our manually graded layer strips for longstrip production

Be impressed by the parquet highlights

As a dealer you are certain to win additional customers with our product portfolio.

3 highlights in relation to look and/or touch

HARO parquet: As a dealer we offer you much more than top-class floors.

  • HARO parquet impresses with its appreciable naturalness.
  • The generous formats provide ample scope for interior design.
  • HARO parquet is especially easy to maintain thanks to our surface treatments.

3 highlights in relation to features

A HARO floor is extremely straightforward to install and really easy to maintain.

  • Our installation systems make installation easier for professional installers and DIYers.
  • The surfaces can be kept clean and radiant year-round with minimum care.
  • The accessories programme offers all technical extras that a refined floor needs.

3 highlights in relation to safety

HARO parquet is a safe bet.

  • For commercial use especially we have floors that are tested and approved in accordance with DIN in terms of impact resistance, flammability and slip resistance.
  • HARO floors remain dimensionally stable with expert installation.
  • The constructions of our multi-layer floors ensure the very best slip resistance and comfort.

3 highlights in relation to economic efficiency

With a HARO floor you are selling quality of life for many years to come.

  • HARO parquet is a worthwhile investment and enhances the value of any property.
  • HARO floors are manufactured in Germany.
  • We have developed special cleaning and care systems for our floor coverings that are adapted perfectly for our surfaces.

HARO – a real win-win for dealers

  • HARO products are known well beyond European frontiers.
  • With HARO parquet, you are selling a natural floor covering that is free of any harmful substances.
  • Our modular shop concepts support your sales success.
  • As a HARO dealer, you have access to our effective marketing tools.
  • Thanks to our proven logistics you always have access to the goods you need.

Become a HARO retail partner and benefit from our proven concept and our high-quality parquet floors. Use our innovations, our natural styles and our trendy formats to ensure the satisfaction of your customers.

HARO PARQUET 4000 Plank 1-Strip 4V Smoked Oak Sauvage brushed
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Plank 1-Strip 4V Smoked Oak Sauvage brushed

HARO PARQUET 4000 Plank 1-Strip 4V Oak Puro White Exklusiv brushed
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Plank 1-Strip 4V Oak Puro White Exklusiv brushed

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