Designing rooms with HARO parquet as professional installers


As a professional installer you are the point of call for customers who are dedicated to handcrafted quality and expect top-class workmanship and high-quality products. The quality floors from HARO allow you to fulfil the expectations of precisely such customers. Steeped in tradition, we have been committed to delivering quality for our partners for more than 60 years with our quality floors that are to this day still produced in Germany. Our parquet, laminate and design floors are characterised by natural surfaces, trendy colours and structures as well as expansive formats that allow the floors to maintain their natural radiance despite heavy wear and tear.

As professional installers we not only support you with a range of products tailored to the needs of your customers, rather above all with a proven logistics system that ensures on-time delivery.

Moreover, we support you with training offers, prestigious sales documentation, promotional materials and also your own showroom concept should you so wish. Regardless of how your showroom is designed, we will be delighted to work with you to develop a presentation concept that will allow you to present the floors to your customers to suit the specific living situation in a cosy atmosphere.

Ultimately your customers want quality from the outset. That's why we have taken it upon ourselves to support you as professional installers in a manner befitting your professional craft.

Gain an insight into parquet for professional installers

As professional as your work: HARO parquet, laminate and design floors.

HARO parquet for professional installers.

3 parquet highlights for professional installers

  • When you decide in favour of HARO parquet or one of our other floors, you are drawing on the power of a strong brand for even greater customer satisfaction.
  • Our floors embody the purity of nature and are therefore completely healthy living. They create a sense of warmth in living areas as only natural products can.
  • HARO surfaces are extremely durable, maintain their natural radiance for a long time and can be maintained easily with minimum effort.

Tradition and innovation: HARO floors create natural living worlds.

As professional installers you know best how important it is to preserve tradition but not lose sight of the modern world. Backed by this philosophy, HARO has continued to deliver innovations that lay down new markers throughout the sector. For example, HARO was one of the first brands in Germany to successfully position a multi-layer parquet on the market. Our laminate floors have likewise continually caused a sensation or also our CELENIO wood floor with tile look, which reconciles the attractive features of wood with the robust properties of stoneware. Or our healthy living design floor DISANO, which stands out thanks to its natural appearance and unique softness underfoot. But it is still our real wood parquet in particular that continues to make us exceptionally proud. The current large formats especially, such as the Plank 1-Strip Plaza, have become bestsellers in the shortest imaginable time, and primarily lend large areas and rooms an exceptional atmosphere.

Whichever of our floors you are installing as a professional installer, you will benefit from the quality of our floors, from the ease of installation and from our accessories programme, which offers solutions even for the most tricky installation situation.

You will be able to answer any customer queries concerning the ecological aspects of our products that come up during consultations with great clarity: All floors we offer are free of harmful substances. In terms of our production too, we consistently pay attention to protecting and preserving nature. That's why we operate our own combined heating and power station with our waste wood from floor production.

Some trend topics in the area of flooring

With HARO parquet, you can be sure you are installing quality.

  • Plank 1-Strip Plaza: The new sense of space.exclusively from HARO.
  • DISANO Classic: Robust and easy to maintain, almost impossible to differentiate from wood.
  • CELENIO by HARO Wood with tile look.
  • Parkettmanufaktur by HARO: Refined woods for exclusive living worlds.

Be impressed by the parquet highlights

As a professional installer, HARO products allow you to process a material that highlights your expertise and profession in an authentic way.

3 highlights in relation to look and/or touch

Natural look is on trend like never before.

  • Our styles are defined by their natural radiance.
  • We offer grades to suit every taste.
  • Our surfaces combine optimum protection and velvety-soft touch.

3 highlights in relation to features

HARO floor coverings make working a pleasure.

  • Our installation systems allow you to work quickly and precisely.
  • The technical constructions of our floors ensure a cosy appearance.
  • HARO floors are also available for high-traffic commercial applications.

3 highlights in relation to safety

Sustainable and safe: HARO parquet refines every room.

  • Our floors comply with all legal requirements, for example in relation to fire safety and flammability.
  • All HARO floors are free of all harmful substances.
  • Our waterproof floors are also ideal for installation in wet areas.

3 highlights in relation to economic efficiency

Sustainable floors for satisfied customers who come back again and again.

  • HARO floors are top quality – for many years of living comfort.
  • Long replacement delivery periods should boards need to be replaced.
  • Our care products support the long life of our products.

HARO – a real win-win for you as a professional installer

  • As a professional installer, use the appeal of the HARO brand – Europe's market leader in parquet.
  • The naturalness of our styles underscores the claim to modern, natural living.
  • Floors that are free of harmful substances for healthy living comfort.
  • Our generous formats create wonderful living experiences.
  • Choose a professional partner, who as a craftsman will support you like the professional you deserve.

You can be assured of a professional partner in HARO, who will support you with professional products and services, recognise you as a craftsman and expert and help ensure your customers are satisfied customers.

Become a HARO partner and benefit from our professionalism as a professional installer.

HARO PARQUET 4000 Plank 1-Strip 4V Oak Puro Caramel Markant brushed
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Plank 1-Strip 4V Oak Puro Caramel Markant brushed

HARO PARQUET 4000 Plank 1-Strip 4V Oak Puro Caramel Sauvage brushed
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Plank 1-Strip 4V Oak Puro Caramel Sauvage brushed

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