With HARO installation tools and the low-emission HARO floor adhesive you can install your HARO Flooring in no time.


Install your HARO floor quickly and easily with the HARO installation accessories.

Installation tools

From tapping block to pull tool – installation tools from the HARO® range meet professional requirements. They are designed to make it easy and fun for you to install your new floor. To ensure optimum suitability for our products and to maintain HARO®’s consistent high quality standards, we also develop our own tools in close cooperation with leading manufacturers.

HARO Primer

Adhesion primer for mineral subfloors for ComforTec installation and under HARO flexible glue.

The especially low-emission HARO Flexible Glue allows simple gluing down of HARO parquet.

HARO® flexible glue

Very low emissions (classified as EC1), solvent-free, remains flexible after hardening, ready to use, waterfree one-component adhesive for glue down installation of parquet, DISANO by HARO® Classic Aqua, SmartAqua and Saphir design floors. Suitable for use over underfloor heating.

HARO dispersion adhesive

For DISANO by HARO Project design floors, homogeneous PVC and CV coverings. Very low emission (classified as EC1) and solvent-free one-component dispersion adhesive. Suitable for use over underfloor heating.

HARO assembly adhesive

  • Excellent initial adhesion
  • Permanently flexible, odourless hardening
  • Solvent-free, silicone-free, isocyanate-free, free from plasticising components
  • Multiple uses, including for HARO Interior Wall and stairs, skirtings and moulding systems

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