aqua shield floor care for sealed parquet, sealed cork floor and laminate floor.

clean & green aqua shield

Beauty treatment with protective features

clean & green®, the floor care series for quick, easy, effective and ecological cleaning and care from HARO has a new highlights in its product family: aqua shield floor care is the perfect beauty treatment for all sealed and coated surfaces..

HARO is extending its range of care products in 2016 with yet another highlight: "clean & green aqua shield" floor care. It was specifically designed for refreshing sealed parquet floors and coated surfaces, such as laminate floors and design floors. It gives floors renewed shine, improved resiliency as well as surface protection from penetrating moisture.

As the rest of the care line, “clean & green aqua shield” is easy and quick to use for both consumers and workmen. Application has never been easier - after cleaning thoroughly, simply apply with a cloth applicator. Only one application is sufficient, and the floor can be used again in two hours. Another common feature of the clean & green care products is their eco-friendliness.

Clean and care for your parquet optimally and practically effortlessly with clean & green natural.
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