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Special textures HARO CELENIO is a winning combination of practicality (break resistant, easy to install), comfort and design. Emulating the look of natural materials like stone, slate and textiles, and introducing abstract graphic textures like the wave design, our somewhat different wood floor takes interior design to a higher level. Easy to install TOP CONNECT INSTALLATION: Effortless to maintain Wood floors are generally easy to maintain, and CELENIO is no exception. Dry cleaning with a mop, broom or vacuum cleaner is generally all you need to do. For damp cleaning we recommend our specially formulated cleaning product for all types of natural floors: clean & green natural. The Top Connect installation system is probably the easiest in the world. All you need to do is prepare the subfloor according to the installation requirements for parquet. Then CELENIO with Top Connect is extremely quick and easy to install ­ simple and safe with no tools required. CELENIO is only suitable for residential applications and has been approved for floating installation in accordance with the laying instructions. TOP CONNECT WITH COMFORTEC INSTALLATION: CELENIO is also available with the ComforTec installation system. The system is one of HARO's latest innovations. It combines the advantages of glue-down installation (comfort) and floating installation (speed) into one product. Self-adhesive strips are attached to the back of each CELENIO board: simply peel back, press on ­ finished.


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