Inspired by nature – at home in Denmark

Skanlux show house

Inspired by nature – at home in Denmark

Hinnerup, DK – Nordic style of living has been extremely fashionable for some time now. And not just as a short-lived fashion fad, rather as an expression of lifestyle that is nurtured in Scandinavian countries. The Danish town of Hinnerup is a fine example of how well Nordic design and HARO Parquet complement each other.

Nordic design thrives on clear shapes and bright and friendly colour schemes. As the winter months draw in, walls designed in light pastel shades together with the warm and soothing impression of wood furniture and floors lift the spirits. An open fire creates a comforting effect with its vibrant glow and pleasant radiating heat. 

A strong sense of closeness to nature is palpable throughout the Scandinavian countries.Wood was very commonly used even as far back as Viking times. The many pretty wooden houses dotted throughout the beautiful landscape are therefore a popular photo opportunity everywhere in Scandinavia.

HARO Parquet – Top choice for natural style of living

The catchphrase “living in tune with nature” naturally conjures up images of wooden floors straight away. HARO supplies natural HARO Parquet from Rosenheim to complement the Scandinavian interior design. HARO Plank 1-Strip Plaza is especially popular in Denmark, since it accentuates the full beauty of the individual wood grain, showing it off in the very best light thanks to the 240 mm width of the planks. Special brushes are used for the surface finish, creating a tactile texture that further reinforces the natural impression.  The Plank 1-Strip Plaza Oak comes in a host of different varieties.  From calm and bright design to Fumed Oak with deep brushing, HARO Parquet floors complement Nordic living style to perfection. 

Project name:

Skanlux show house


Hinnerup, Denmark

Size of reference area:

95 m²

Project features:

Customer: Skanlux Property Developers

Installed HARO products:

HARO Plank 1-Strip Plaza Oak Markant brushed

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Inspired by nature – at home in Denmark Inspired by nature – at home in Denmark Inspired by nature – at home in Denmark Inspired by nature – at home in Denmark
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