Sports for everyone – the motto of the new Decathlon Sports Hall

Decathlon Sports Hall

Sports for everyone – the motto of the new Decathlon Sports Hall

Rosenheim – The Germany headquarters of the French sporting-goods maker has just added a new highlight for leisure-time athletic activities by young and old. The new sports hall can be used both by employees and customers.

A visit to a Decathlon speciality store is both an experience and a leisure-time pleasure. You can equip yourself for more than 100 types of athletic activities there, from fishing to football and yoga. The company’s new sports hall allows you to be professionally assisted in the store and then to try out the new equipment in the new hall. A climbing wall and a wall equipped with a mirror and pole for ballet practice turn the building into a multifaceted facility. The vision of Managing Director Philipp Kaufmann: “We want to provide our customers with courses that facilitate access to new types of sports and create a new athletic experience concept in the process.” Events like football tournaments are offered to children. Active birthday parties for kindergarten children will be held here as well.  Free courses like zumba and aerobics are to be regularly offered here and led by the trainers of the Decathlon team. The company’s employees will also profit from the new hall. They can take an athletic break as part of their flexible work environment and enjoy their favourite sport. . 

HARO Sports – a bull’s eye for athletic variety

The hall can be used in the best possible way for every wave of users and every athletic activity because it is equipped with HARO sports flooring and protective wall. In planning the sports hall, the building clients relied on Hamberger Flooring’s expertise and 50 years of experience in the installation of sports flooring. The Rosenheim-based company’s HARO sports floors create a sensation in more than 7,000 sports facilities and professional arenas around the world. The huge range of sporting equipment covered by Decathlon required a concept that optimally supports leisure-time athletes and prevents injuries. The HARO Athen 60 chosen for the facility is an area-elastic sports floor for multipurpose use in halls. A special elastic layer in the structure creates the very best attenuation qualities that minimise strain on the musculoskeletal system. The protective wall Light 19 reduces injury risk upon contact with the wall, something that can frequently occur during action-filled ball games. 

The Decathlon sports hall is ready to take on waves of sports enthusiasts and those who want to become ones in Plochingen.

Project name:

Decathlon Sports Hall



Size of reference area:

1285 m²

Installed HARO products:

1025 m² of Athen 60 sports flooring
260 m² of Light 19 protective wall

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Sports for everyone – the motto of the new Decathlon Sports Hall Sports for everyone – the motto of the new Decathlon Sports Hall Sports for everyone – the motto of the new Decathlon Sports Hall
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